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Useful Swimming Apps for Your Smart Devices

With smart devices being so readily available, it's no wonder that iPhones, iPads, iTouch and Android phones are being used more and more at swim meets  Yes, even more than just for keeping the little ones (and dads) entertained during the meet.  Here are a few apps that you may find useful.  If you have some of your favorites, please let us know so we can post some of the top ones related to swimming.


OnDeck Parent
by Team Unify (FREE)
This app keeps you updated on meet entries, meet results and news from our website.  You use the same log in ID & password that you use to get to this website.  The Team Alias is "gutyes" (as in Gulf Team YES)



by USA Swimming (FREE) - This app requires you to create an account with USA Swimming but allows you to search for historical meet results along with receiving news that impacts your national and local swim club