There are a few different apps that swimmers and parents can use to help them with USA Swimming. Listed below are those apps as well as what you can find on them.

On Deck

  • This app is Team Unify mobile
  • On here you can look at your account as well as events and meets coming up soon
  • On here you can see your swimmers attendance, best times, and any time standards you might be looking for
  • You log in with your Team Unify credentials

Meet Mobile

  • This app is for all things swim meet
  •  Once you get on and look up the meet we are at you can see heat and lane assignments, events numbers and orders, results, and what your swimmer is competing in
  • This app is helpful for meet that are long or that can be confusing
  •  It is $1.99 a month or $6.99 a year

Deck Pass

  • On deck pass your swimmer can see their USA Swimming ID card as well as look up time standards and search for their times
  • This app also has news about USA Swimming and your swimmers IMX score
  • You can log onto Deck Pass on the USA Swimming website as well