Aulea Incentives

Aulea Incentives Awards Program

HI-B Time (50 Y/M or longer)

- Team Ribbon for First B time in each stroke  of 50 Y/M or longer.

HI-A Time (50 Y/M or longer)

- Team Bag for First A time of 50 Y/M or longer.
- Pin for First A time in each stroke of 50 Y/M or longer.

HI-AA Time

- Long-sleeve Dri-Fit Aulea t-shirt for First AA Time (Note there are no HI-AA times for 8U; awards are given based on the 10U times)

 HI-Qual Time

- Team Towel for First Qual Time.

Zone Time 

- Team Backpack for First Zone time for swimmers through the 13-14 age group  

Sectional Time 

 -Team Warm Up Suit for First Sectional Time.

Rev 2/1/15

Incentive Awards and Potlucks

Aulea Award Potlucks are held quarterly to honor our swimmers achievements (and also provide an opportunity for swimmers and parents to socialize outside the pool). Aulea rewards swimmers for achieving Hawaiian Swimming time standards: HI-B, HI-A, HI-AA, HI-Qual time, Zone Time and Sectional Times. Aulea provides incentive awards to 1) reward the swimmer for their accomplishments, 2) encourage them to strive for faster times and 3) acknowledge them in front of their peers

Please note that these awards are reviewed by hand, they are not without error and should be reviewed by parents prior to each potluck.  Emails will be sent out prior to each potluck for your review. Please pay special attention if your child has recently had a birthday and “aged-up”. These reports may reflect an inaccurate age. Also note that time standards may change from year to year.

Incentive Awards are different from the ribbons and medals earned at swim meets. Ribbons are put into swimmer-specific folders in bins in the equipment room (ask a coach or lifeguard or keep an eye out when they are given out informally after practice). To learn more about ribbons and medals, please read the RIBBONS page.