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Swim Groups

The Hickam Hurricanes swim team has five swim levels for swimmers ages 8-18


It is the goal of the Hickam Hurricanes Swim Team to offer age specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual and developing each individual to the best of THEIR abilities.  Each group is designed to benefit swimmers who are grouped together by age, competitive experience ability and training commitment.  This structure is designed to provide swimmers with the proper progression of skill acquisition.  When making grouping decisions, the coaching staff considers many tangible factors, such as swimmers age, physical development, stroke development, practice attendance and meet performance as well as intangibles such as emotional maturity, attitude, behavior, peer group, motivation and longer range goals for the athlete.  The most important goal is to place a swimmer in a group appropriate for his/her current ability and long term development.  The Hickam Hurricanes are committed to professional coaching at all levels, challenging and developing each swimmer to the very best of their ability.


This training group will learn the basics of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Swimmers will learn water safety, breathing, kicking (both with a kick board and fins and without) and will build endurance. These swimmers will not swim at meets. This group will help your swimmer successfully transition to the competitive group. Subject to the coaches' discretion, to move from the Pre team to the Bronze Group the swimmer must be able to:

  • Desire to be in the water and show no fear
  • Listen, pay attention and follow directions
  • 25 Freestyle
  • 25 Backstroke
  • 25 Breaststroke
  • 25 Dolphin Kick


​Bronze level swimmers is a training group that focuses on legally teaching or refining the four basic strokes. Swimmers will learn safety, floating, rotary breathing, kicking and will learn to put the strokes together. These swimmers will also begin learning legal turns and starts from the blocks.   Bronze level swimmers are encouraged to attend 2-3 practices per week. Practices are 1 hour long.  Bronze swimmers only attend meets at the recommendation of the Head Coach.  Subject to coach's discretion, to move from Bronze to Silver Group swimmers must be able to consistently perform these skills:

  • Float on their back unassisted for a minute
  • Desire to be in water
  • Listens, pays attention and follows directions
  • Float on their stomach (with breaths) unassisted for a minute
  • Swim a 50 of freestyle without stopping, flipping over, or holding onto wall or line lane
  • Swim a 50 of backstroke without stopping, flipping over, or holding onto wall or line lane
  • Swim a 50 legal breaststroke with a pullout
  • Swim a 50 butterfly legally
  • Swim a 50 yd freestyle kick with the board, head in the water, breathing to side not front
  • Swim a 50 yd of backstroke kick without the board, maintaining streamline


Swimmers will continue to build endurance and stroke mechanics for freestyle and backstroke as well as the breaststroke and butterfly. These swimmers will begin learning legal turns and starts from the blocks. Swimmers will be introduced to the pace clock and to the concept of intervals, but they will do most of their training on their coach’s signal.  Silver swimmers will continue to develop good turns and dives. These swimmers should be encouraged to come to practice 3-4 times a week.  Practices are an hour long. These swimmers will likely be invited to attend meets by the coaches with mastery of strokes and upon completion of the USA Swim Dive Certification. Subject to the coaches discretion, to move from the Silver Group to the Gold Group the swimmer must be able to:

  • Listen and follow directions
  • Desires to be in the water
  • Demonstrate good technique of the 4 strokes legally
  • Swim 1x100 individual medley legally
  • Perform turns and push-offs efficiently and legally
  • Perform regular starts and backstroke starts legally
  • Acquire basic understanding of the pace clock
  • Kick 8x25 @ :45
  • 2x100 freestyle @ 2:00
  • Push off and streamline to flags with dolphin kick


Swimmers will continue building good stroke mechanics,  build endurance and will be introduced to more competitive swimming techniques like practices with intervals, test sets, learning to record and remember their heart rates during workout, etc. Swimmers will be asked to perform more rigorous drills and will swim sets of between 3000-4000 meters per practice. These swimmers will be encouraged to attend at least 4 practices per week in order to ensure timely progression to the Competition Group. Practices are up to 2 hours long. Swimmers will begin dry-land training to strengthen their core muscles through body weight exercises. These swimmers DO attend swim meets. Subject to the coaches discretion, to move from the Gold Group to the Competition Group the swimmer must be able to:

  • Listen and follow directions
  • Demonstrate proficiency in starts, turns, and finishes
  • Demonstrate good technique of the 4 strokes legally
  • Swim 3x100 @ 2:10 Freestyle easily
  • 3x100 @ 2:30 IM easily
  • 3x50 choice kick 1:15 (no fins)
  • Understand and be able to perform distance per stroke and breathing every 3rd stroke
  • Develop consistent practice attendance
  • Go through the goal setting process with the coaches
  • Have at least two "A" times


Swimmers are able to swim all strokes proficiently, and have legal starts and turns that are efficient and fast.  They are familiar with the pace clock and able to monitor and remember their intervals for each stroke and distance.  They are encouraged to attend at least 5 practices a week in order to improve their skills and times.  Practices are 2 hours long.  They swim between 3500-5000 meters per practice and participate twice a week for dry land.   The Elite swimmers are role models, helping Coach with other training sessions and during meets.  These swimmers attend meets frequently.