*NEW* Bylaws R&R P&P

USA-Swimming in Fall 2018 passed a major overaul of the mandatory bylaws template that all LSCs are required to use in writing the LSC Bylaws.

Hawaiian Swimming LSC Bylaws 2019  Approved February 24th, 2019 at BOD. All regulations removed from past bylaws are still enforced until changes to R&R and P&P can be updated.

Summary of Changes (Presentation for BOD, January 27, 2019)

Changes to the current Bylaws (Working document showing the USA template and transfers of our current Bylaws materials into the template structure)

Deleted material from our current Bylaws (most of this material will be transferred to the LSC Policy and Procedures Manual)

Hawaiian Swimming LSC Rules and Regulations 2019 update (in process)

Hawaiian Swimming LSC Policy and Procedures 2019 update (in process)