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USA Swimming Diversity/Equity/Inclusion:


Western Zone DEI Camp/Summit update as of 5/10/21

The Western Zone DEI camp will be August 14, 2021.

The camp and summit will be combined into one event focusing on DEI topics.

  • Both athletes and non-athletes are welcome to attend.
  • Once the new schedule is finalized, a more detailed description of what will be covered will be shared with everyone for promotional purposes.  
  • Russell Mark, the high performance consultant of USA Swimming will be one of the presentors.  His knowledge of swimming and ability to communicate that information is outstanding.

The new summit will be a 1 day Zoom event with the number of sessions to be determined.

The cost per participant will be $15 per athlete and $35 per adult.  This cost will be paid by the LSC.  We can "send" 4 athletes and 4 non-athletes to this conference.  

Please see the the link at for more information.  The applicaiton form is on the link at the bottom of the information page.