Travel Documents

Travel Documents:

  • LSC Travel Policy Form (Group Travel: Clubs may use their form or this one. In either case please note that it must be signed by all participants (Athlete and non-Athletes) prior to the trip. [ pdf ] [docx]

  • Western Zone Age Group Travel Reimbursement Form [ pdf ]

  • ***2020-2021 Senior Travel Reimbursement Forms to be posted soon ***

  • Senior Program Athlete Travel Reimbursement (Military) Form [ pdf

  • Senior Program Athlete Travel Reimbursement (Non-Military) Form [ pdf ]

  • Senior Program Coach Travel Reimbursement Form [ pdf ]

  • Hawaiian Swimming Senior Championship Travel Reimbursement - see Meet Information Page for each meet.

  • IRS W9 Form [ pdf ]

Some notes:

1.  Please make sure to read all the instructions so the correct forms are sent.

2.  Proof of registration is important for reimbursement, so please send the correct item.  

     a.  A screen shot of the "membership card" from the DECK PASS APP (on phone).

     b.  A screen shot of "current status" bar on the deck pass page on USA swimming

         website.  Log into the USA swimming website.  Then go to your Deck Pass page/site. 

         Click the dashboard icon on the right side.  After that, scroll down and on the left side

         of the screen, CURRENT STATUS should show up.

3.  Copies of original receipts that meet or exceed the maximum reimbursement

     amount.  Please ask the coaches for copies.  


updated  - January 21, 2021