Safety Training Req

Safety Training Requirements


2017 Membership Requirements Checklist updated 2-27-17

Safety Training Requirements

Option 1

Complete the American Red Cross Safety Training for Swim Coaches certification (valid for 3 years).

Participants may request Safety Training for Swim Coaches course using the Fast Track and completing the following steps:

  • Locate and register for an upcoming pool skills
  • Successfully complete the online written exam (both the American Red Cross Swimming and Water Safety Manual and the Safety Training for Swim Coaches Supplement are required as references in order to complete the course.
    • Participant completing the online written exam should receive confirmation via email (to the email address that is listed in the registration profile).  For verification purposes the confirmation and requirement should be kept this email for your records.
  • The written exam must be completed no more than 30 days prior to attending the pool skills session.


Safety Training Requirements

Option 2

The “Written Exam Only” option is designed for participants who completed one of the lifeguarding courses accepted by USA Swimming. Because these participants have already demonstrated water rescue skills, they have the option to complete the “written exam only” portion of the course. This, combined with their current certification, qualifies them to complete the Safety Training for Swim Coaches requirement. 


Coach will complete the Safety Training for Swim Coaches online exam and receive email confirmation of successfully passing the exam from USA Swimming. This option requires a successful passing score and one of the lifeguarding courses accepted by USA Swimming. See list above.



Written Exam Only Process:

Coaches must have a current certification in one of the accepted courses (see list above.)  Coaches must successfully complete the online written exam. You will receive an email (to the email address that is listed in the registration profile) indicating the test result was successful. The results should be printed for verification purposes as it will be required when requesting the Safety Training for Swim Coaches certification.


Submit a copy of the email confirming successful completion of the written Safety Training for Swim Coaches test along with a copy of a current approved lifeguarding card to the LSC registration person. The Safety Training for Swim Coaches certification expires three years from either the date of the written exam or the date of the lifeguarding certification, whichever is earlier. (For example, if the lifeguarding card has 18 months remaining at the time of submission to the LSC, the Safety Training for Swim Coaches


Safety Training Requirements   FAQs

Question:  If a coach is a registered member of USA Swimming, but has expired certifications, is the coach allowed to be on deck coaching swimmers?

Answer:  No. If the Coach continues to coach without proper certification the club and the coach no longer have insurance.  This is defined in the rule book on page 111, Article 502.6.3 (failure to comply voids a coach’s membership and thus the coach’s and club’s insurance)


Question:  If a coach has expired certifications can they coach  under the supervision of another coach on deck who has completed all of his certification requirements? 

Answer:  It is the meet director’s responsibility to ensure that all coaches on the deck have valid coach membership in USA Swimming a list of eligible coaches prior to the meet or provide the meet director with a Certification Ending Report so that he can issue deck credentials to valid coaches only. The club hosting the meet has no insurance unless everyone swimming, coaching or officiating at the meet are valid members of USA Swimming.  This is defined  in the rule book under Article 502.6.2 and Article 202.3.4. Only timers and safety marshals are exempt from membership


Question:  Is it mandatory to be Lifeguard certified to become a USA Swimming coach member?

Answer:  No. An approved Lifeguard certification may be used in lieu of completing a Safety Training for Swim Coaches course.  However, if you have a Lifeguard certificate you must complete the online written test and present the validation of completion to the LSC Registrar.