Below are Hawaiian Swimming committees and their chairs. Under each is a list of committee meetings and minutes and meeting date and type.

Meet Date/Type Agenda Minutes
Executive Committee - Jon Hayashida (Chair), Eric Nagoshi (Senior Vice-Chair), Joe Glenn (Age Group Vice-Chair), Malcolm Cooper (Administrative Vice-Chair), Mike Osborne (Finance Vice-Chair), Michael Petrides (Senior Representative), Nohea Lileikis (Senior Representative)
Admin Committee - Malcolm Cooper (Chair)
Governance Committee - Dave Coleman
Registration Committee - Gwenn Tomiyoshi (Chair)
Age Group Committee - Joe Glenn (Chair), Reid Yamamoto, Jon Hayashida, Malcolm Cooper, Michael Petriedes (Athlete)

2/10-15/14 by Email
7/28 to 8/10 by emails

Feb 10-15
Jul28-Aug10 TimeStds (SCY-proposed)
Ad-Hoc Champs Format and Dates meeting

Senior Committee - Eric Nagoshi (Chair), John Flanagan, Ron Iwamoto, Reid Yamamoto - Maui, Nohea Lileikis – Athlete - Oahu, James Lyon - Athlete - Oahu, Dan Schemmel (Unviersity of Hawaii Head Coach)

11/1/14 @ VMAC 1:30 p.m.

Ad-Hoc Champs Format and Dates meeting

Technical Planning - Malcolm Cooper (Chair/coach/Official),  Joe Glenn (LSC AG Chair/coach), Reid Yamamoto (Senior Chair/coach), Bobby Dugar (Treasurer), Eugene Dryzmala (Official's Rep), Jon Hayashida (Registrar Asst/Coach Rep/coach), Ana Eyre (Athlete/MDSC/Maui), and Jake Gaughan (Athlete/PAQ/Oahu), Curt Colby (LSC Secretary/Coach)

Jan 2018
Sept 2017 Dallas Convention
Aug 2017

Agenda & Minutes combined  
2017 Dallas Convention Report
AG-Asst, NTV, Tech Planning LSC Rpt
Ad-Hoc Champs Format and Dates meeting

Athletes Committee - Nohea Lileikis, Michael Petrides, Ana Eyre, Makena Ginoza
Officials Committee - Sandy Drake (Chair), Lex Escondo, Dar Gerber, Dan Britzmann, Ruth Murata,  Michael Petrides (athlete), Maile Lawson (athlete)
Club, Athlete and Special Programs Development Coordinator - Jon Hayashida (Chair/coach)