Member Schools

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We will post contact information as it is submitted.

Agathos Classical Lynn Powell faithswims [at]
Battleground Academy Laura Kim [at]
Blackman MS Ali Humphrey HumphreyA [at]
Blackman MS Natalie McDowell mcdowelln [at]
Blackman MS Ruth Ann Tillner tillnerr [at]
Boost Aquatics Carol Carr carol.carr [at]
Brentwood Academy MS Jimmy Ker jimmy_ker [at]
Brentwood Academy MS Ellen Mincey coachellen [at]
Brentwood Middle School Brenda Vroon brendav [at]
Brentwood MS Brenda Vroon brendav [at]
Brentwood MS   Hurt5050 [at]
Brentwood MS Brenda Vroon brendavroon [at]
Bridgeforth, Pulaski TN Laura Hardy lhardy [at]
Catholic Middle Schools* WIll Powell swimmerpowell [at]
Central Magnet Kyndal Heller hellerk [at]
Central Magnet Blake Shaw bswim96 [at]
Central Magnet Haley Walker walkerh [at]
Clarksville HS Kristi Huang khuanghome5 [at]
Cornersville MS Jeff Borne mcswimcoach [at]
CPA Stuart Dale  
CPA Matt Cox matt.cox [at]
Ensworth MS Chelsy Hooper hooperc [at]
EO Coffman MS Laura Hardy lhardy [at]
EO Coffman MS, Law County HS Laura Hardy lhardy [at]
Fayetteville Area MS Chris Davis davisc [at]
Fayetteville Area MS Russ Dixon rjdixon1100 [at]
Fayetteville MS, Highland Rim MS Laura Clark lauraclark214 [at]
Forrest MS Jeff Borne mcswimcoach [at]
FRA middle school Kristin Swana swanak [at]
Franklin County MS Sus Hiscock suehiscock4 [at]
Freedom Intermediate Tim Henschel, Connie Henschel Tim Henschel
Freedom MS Tracy Hepner thepner [at]
Freedom MS Heather Owens  
Freedom MS Tim Henschel, Connie Henschel connie.henschel [at]
Friendship Christian Kristy Deffendall dube1029 [at]
Grassland MS Jill Brewster  
Harding Academy Jacob Madden maddenj [at]
Harpeth Hall MS Kelly Broderick  
HEAD MS Kristin Selph kristin.selph [at]
Hillsboro MS Emily Krebs emilykrebs [at]
Hillsboro MS Heather Strohm heatherstrohm [at]
Holy Rosary Academy Will Powell  
Holy Rosary Academy Ryan Dalhauser ryandalhauser [at]
ICS Tamara Houk thouk [at]
ICS Kathy Kerchief kkerchief [at]
ICS Nancy Moran nmoran [at]
Immaculate Conception Kathy Kerchief Kkerchief [at]
Immaculate Conception Nancy Moran Nmoran [at]
Immaculate Conception Tamara Houk thouk [at]
LaVergne HS Josh Tinley tinleyj [at]
LaVergne HS Amy Caulkins amycaulkins10 [at]
LaVergne HS Jeremy Stansbury stansburyj [at]
Lewisburg MS Jeff Borne mcswimcoach [at]
Lighthouse Christian Kimberly Mickles kimickles [at]
Lipscomb Academy MS Cole Carter colegcarter [at]
Lipscomb Academy MS Cole Carter colegcarter [at]
MBA Libby Overton libby.overton [at]
MBA Libby Overton libby.overton [at]
Middle TN Diving Tim Jones Timothypjones10 [at]
Middle TN Diving Tim Jones TimothyPJones70 [at]
Mill Creek MS Shannon Cook Shannonknightcook [at]
Mill Creek MS Jilly Clarke millcreekmiddleswim [at]
MLK Middle Fran Leahy franleahy [at]
MLK Middle Cindy Walker cindy.h.walker [at]
MLK Middle Megan Kelly megan [at]
MLK Middle Monette Cowan mobewon [at]
Mount Juliet Middle Josh Tinley joshuatinley [at]
MTHEA Makos MS Anna Richards Anna.richards [at]
Oakland MS Drew Brenner aquavol [at]
Page MS Audrey Koss audreycsun [at]
Page MS Amanada Adams shoresadams [at]
Rock Springs Middle Mitchell Cantrell emanddlt [at]
Rock Springs Middle Morgan Williams williamsm [at]
Rockvale MS Keyne Mitchell mitchellke [at]
Sacred Heart Catholic School Laura Hardy lhardy [at]
Spring Hill HS and MS Paula Hepp paula.k.hepp [at]
Spring Hill Middle Mandie Sanders  
Spring Station Carrie Vaughan clvaughan75 [at]
St Andrews-Sewanee MS Nan Long swimstat [at]
St Henry Will Powell swimmerpowell [at]
St Henry Ryan Dalhauser ryandalhauser [at]
St. Andrew's Sewanee MS Jake Miller jakemiller [at]
St. Bernard Academy Will Powell  
St. Bernard Academy Ryan Dalhauser ryandalhauser [at]
Stewarts Creek MS Kristin Selph selphk [at]
Stewarts Creek MS Brayden Jackson jacksonb [at]
Stewarts Creek MS Caitlin Bullard bullardc [at]
Summertown High Dionne Manire dmanire [at]
Sunset Middle Naomi Kitahara sunsetmiddleswim [at]
Sunset Middle Shannon Cook shannonknightcook [at]
Sunset MS Sylvia Richey sylviar [at]
Thurman Frances Arts Academy Margaret Taylor taylorma [at]
Thurman Frances Arts Academy Anthony Cummings acummings1976 [at]
USN Mike Gimblette mgimblette [at]
Whithorne MS Julie Ackley jeackley [at]
Whitthorne Middle Jill Elkins jillrakowelkins [at]
Woodland MS Laura Carrico lcarrico [at]
Zion Christian Academy Angel Harmon angeldharmon [at]