Member Schools

10/26/17:  Please take a moment to help us update our contact information for your team by clicking HERE.

We will post contact information as it is submitted.


These are the e-mail Contacts we have on file right now.  Please e-mail corrections to jkarpinos [at]


Battleground Academy Laura Kim [at]
Blackman HS Jennifer Watkins bryanj [at]
Blackman HS Rob Eidemiller eidemillerr [at]
Boost Aquatics Carol Carr carol.carr [at]
Brentwood Academy Jim Chapman Jim_Chapman [at]
Brentwood Academy Jamie Raab teamraab7 [at]
Brentwood Academy Jim Chapman jim_chapman [at]
Brentwood Academy   stevieachapman [at]
Brentwood HS Peter Browne pbrowne6 [at]
Brentwood HS Brenda Vroon brendavroon [at]
Cascade Shawn Daniels Shawnswim [at]
Central Magnet Haley Cook cookh [at]
Central Magnet Kyndal Heller hellerk [at]
Clarksville Homeschool Kristi Huang khuanghome5 [at]
Coffe County Homeschool Shawnswim [at]
Coffee County Central HS Lana Ray rayl [at]
Coffee County Central HS Mike Ray raym [at]
Columbia Acadey Katie Martin Knmartin [at]
Columbia Central Paula Hepp paula.k.hepp [at]
Columbia Central Royce Russell rrussell [at]
Cookeville Leah Burnett lburnett [at]
Cookeville High School Sumner Shelton sshelton [at]
Cookeville HS Jessica Johns jjohns [at]
CPA Bruce Francis Bruce.Francis [at]
Cumberland County Kasey Lowe lowek [at]
Cumberland County Abby Reagan reagan.abby [at]
Davidson Academy Jenn Kinsler jennkinsler [at]
Davidson Academy Susan Baker susan.baker [at]
Dionne Manire Summertown dmanire [at]
Eagleville Steven Murry sjmurry [at]
Ensworth Christian Bahr bahrc [at]
Ensworth Jennifer Budde buddej [at]
Father Ryan HS Shannon Philbin coachshan [at]
Father Ryan HS Rob Philbin rob.philbin [at]
Fayetteville High School Chris Davis davisc [at]
Fayetteville Middle & High School Amber Selfe selfea [at]
Fayetteville Middle & High School Laura Clark lauraclark214 [at]
Forest Cornersville Jeff Borne mcswimcoach [at]
FRA Betsy Galenti bgalenti [at]
FRA Kristin Swana swanak [at]
FRA Kris Palmerton palmertonk [at]
Franklin County Sue Hiscock suehiscock4 [at]
Franklin County Melanie Huffhines melanie.huffhines [at]
Franklin County Home School Shawn Daniels Shawnswim [at]
Franklin HS Jill Brewster JillB14 [at]
Freedom Middle Connie Henschel connie.henschel [at]
Freedom Middle Tim Henschel tim.henschel [at]
Friendship Christian Kristy Deffendall dube1029 [at]
Gallatin High School Jenn Kinsler jennkinsler [at]
Gallatin High School Susan Baker susan.baker [at]
Goodpasture Scott Chlasta scott.chlasta [at]
Goodpasture Theresa Swanson tswanson [at]
Grundy County Shawn Daniels Shawnswim [at]
Hendersonville HS Maggie Lewis maggielewis405 [at]
Hillsboro Megan Kelly megan [at]
Hume Fogg Academy Cori Morris morris_3 [at]
Hume-Fogg Nathan Blankenship NathanB4215 [at]
Hume-Fogg April Parker humefottswimteam [at]
Independence HS Dawn Van Ryckeghem coachdawn [at],
Independence HS  Karen Schwartz tktschwartz [at]
LaVergne HS Josh Tinley tinleyj [at]
LaVergne HS Amy Caulkins amycaulkins10 [at]
LaVergne HS Jeremy Stansbury stansburyj [at]
Lawrence County HS Laura Hardy lhardy [at]
Lebanon HS Kelli Ward Kelliward14 [at]
Lincoln County HS Brandi Barnes Bwbarnes [at]
Lipscomb Academy Jonas Fridrichsen jfridrichs [at]
Lipscomb Academy MS Cole Carter colegcarter [at]
Marshall County Jeff Borne mcswimcoach [at]
MBA Pat Killian pat.killian [at]
MBA Amy Kennedy (diving) akennedy [at]
Merrol Hyde Ericka Heppeard ericka.heppeard [at]
Merrol Hyde Hope McCrory hope.mccrory [at]
Middle TN Christian School Suze Gilbert suzegilbert [at]
Middle TN Diving Tim Jones TimothyPJones70 [at]
MLK Megan Kelly megan [at]
MLK Magnet Fran Leahy franleahy [at]
MLK Magnet Cindy Walker cindy.h.walker [at]
MLK Magnet Greg Walker d.greg.walker [at]
MLK Magnet Monette Cowan mobewon [at]
Mount Juliet Chris Hendry chendry [at]
Mount Juliet   MJHSSwimcoachchris [at] tdsnet
Mt. Pleasant HS Paula Hepp paula.k.hepp [at]
Mt. Pleasant HS Royce Russell rrussell [at]
MTHEA Makos Dawn Van Ryckeghem coachdawn [at],
Natalie McDowell Blackman HS mcdowelln [at]
Nolensville Trevor Robbins tbonerobbins [at]
Nolensville Jilly Clarke nolensvillehsswim [at]
Oakland HS Tyler Carpenter CarpenterTyler92 [at]
Page HS Daniel Justice pagehighswimming [at]
Pope John Paul II Hadley Judson Hadley Judson
Pope John Paul II Pam Eatman pam.eatman [at]
Pope John Paul II   swimming [at]
Portland High School Joey Kinsler joeykinsler77 [at]
Ravenwood HS Angela Curtiss angelac [at]
Riverdale HS Brett Hoehn brhoehn [at]
Riverdale HS Lamar Davis davislam [at]
Siegel HS April Milstead milsteada [at]
Siegel HS Ragan Hardy hardyr [at]
Spring Hill Paula Hepp paula.k.hepp [at]
Spring Hill Royce Russell rrussell [at]
Spring Hill High School Karen Schwartz tktschwartz [at]
Spring Hill High School Paula Hepp paula.k.hepp [at]
St. Andrew-Sewanee Nan Long swimstat [at]
St. Andrew's Sewanee Jake Miller jakemiller [at]
St. Cecilia Academy Joe Helmer joeHelmer [at]
Station Camp Ericka Heppeard ericka.heppeard [at]
Station Camp  Hope McCrory hope.mccrory [at]
Stewarts Creek Diana Skoropat skoropatd [at]
Summertown HS Dionne Manire dmanire [at]
Summit HS Karen Schwartz tktschwartz [at]
Summit HS Dawn Van Ryckeghem coachdawn [at]
Tullahoma HS Kristine Holmes kholmes [at]
Tullahoma HS Christy Sherrer christydce [at]
Upperman Leah Burnett lburnett [at]
Upperman Jessica Johns jjohns [at]
USN Ellen Crosby CoachEllen [at]
USN Justin Karpinos jkarpinos [at]
Warren County Shawn Daniels Shawnswim [at]
Webb Bell Buckle Shawn Daniels Shawnswim [at]
Westmoreland High School Brad Gilliam seabreezeswim [at]
White House High School Julie Thorp julie.thorp [at]