Board of Directors

Board Members

Office Name School Email Executive Committee.
President Alex Major Wilson Central [email protected]


Abby Chapman

Brentwood Academy

[email protected]


Justin Karpinos


[email protected]

Treasurer Polly Linden Harpeth Hall

[email protected]

Middle School Rep Drew Brewer Oakland MSl [email protected]

Division I

Sue Hiscock

Franklin County

[email protected]


Division II



Division III

Natalie McDowell Blackman High School [email protected]  
Division IV South Daniel Justice Page High [email protected]  
Division IV North Daniel Justice Page High [email protected]  

Division V

Tony Trumphour Smyrna

[email protected]


Division VI Sue Copeland MTHEA [email protected]  

Division VII

Nina Pearce Centennial [email protected]


Division VIII

Angela Curtiss


[email protected]


Webmaster   Email any needs to

[email protected]


Nominating Committee Members

Name School Email
Alex Major - Chairman Wilson Central [email protected]
Greg Marion Columbia Central [email protected]
Justin Karpinos University School of Nashville [email protected]
Bruce Francis Christ Presbyterian Academy [email protected]
Nina Pearce Centennial [email protected]