League Guidelines



GUIDELINES 2019-2020



High Schools in Shelby County are eligible to join the Shelby County High School Swim League. Each School has one vote. The Memphis Home Education Association (MHEA) will be eligible to field one team with the following guidelines with swimmers who must be members of the MHEA, and be in grades 9-12, and can have only four years of eligibility.



Following TISCA rules, the Shelby County High School Swim League will be only open to 9th through 12th graders. No 7th & 8th graders will be allowed to swim, even exhibition.



If any swimmer has transferred from one school to another, swimmer name, name of school transferring from, name of school transferring to, and reason for transfer must submitted to TISCA. Visit www.TISCA.net for deadlines and procedures.


Shelby County League fees along with website fees payable to the Shelby County High School Swim League.  Fees are due by October 15th.  Fees can be mailed to Molly Pickering: 3972 St. Philip Dr. Bartlett, TN 38133

·   $300.00 Shelby County League Fees

·   $265.00 for websites (for teams sharing a website with middle school teams) OR $200.00 (for stand alone teams without middle school teams)

  • TISCA fees and deadlines are available at www.tisca.net




A copy of your roster that includes each swimmer’s full name, year in school, and gender needs to be emailed to Whitney Shelton ([email protected]) by October 15. If you add swimmers throughout the season, please email updated list.



All Shelby County Swim League information, heat sheets, results, etc. will be posted on www.ShelbyCountyswim,com. This will be our main source of information.  All Shelby County Swim League teams are required to maintain a Team Unify website.  





FACILITIES: League seasonal meets will be held at St. George’s High School and Bartlett Rec Cener 

MEETS: The league will offer 4 invitational meets offering state events only, and 3 sprint meets, offering 50s of all 4 strokes, 100 fr, 100 IM and both 200 relays.


SWIMMER LIMIT: Swimmers may enter 2 individual events and 2 relays. Swimmers may not swim 3 individual events and 1 relay. 

ENTRIES: Entries will be synced using Team Unify websites. Thursday meet entries are due by 8:00 pm on the Tuesday before the meet. Saturday meet entries are due by 8:00 pm on the Thursday before the meet. Entry reports will be emailed back to coaches for corrections within 24 hours. CHECK YOUR EMAIL AND THE REPORT FOR ERRORS. Heat Sheets will be posted on www.ShelbyCountyswim.com the day prior to the meet.

MEET VOLUNTEERS: Each school will be responsible for recruiting parent volunteers to run each meet. Each meet requires 16 timers, 1 head timer, 1 runner, 4-6 officials. Officials must be USA certified. Number of volunteers required by each school will be posted at same time as heat sheets. Students needing service hours and swimmers not swimming the meet can also help.  Larger schools are expected to help smaller schools with volunteers if contacted beforehand. Officials DO NOT COUNT towards your number of volunteers for each meet.

Teams not supplying posted volunteers will not be allowed to swim.  

Each team will serve as HOST at least once during the season.  Host team is responsible for monitoring check in of volunteers, roll call at timer's meeting, providing a volunteer for the computer table, and reporting to league if any team is missing volunteers.  Host team will assist league official in communicating violation to coach. Host team is NOT responsible for providing all timers, only for monitoring timer sign up, roll call, providing one person for the computer table, and notification of teams who have not supplied timers. Host team may need to reach out to participating teams before the meet to request timers from each school.

SCORING: 8 places will score with points 9,7,6,5,4,3,2,1. Relays score double. All events are scored as timed finals. 

SCHOOL SCORING LIMIT: Each school can only score points for 3 swimmers per individual event and “A” relays per relay event.

LEAGUE RECORDS: Eligible meets for setting league records are Shelby County High School League seasonal meets, Germantown Invitational, and Shelby County Championship meet.  State Championship, high school meets outside of the Shelby County seasonal meets, and USA Swimming meets are not eligible for records.    

DISQUALIFICATIONS: USA Swimming rules will be followed. USA Swimming certified stroke and turn officials will be used.




Saturday January 11th, warm ups TBA- Hosted by Germantown Gators Swim Team. Meet fees are paid directly to Germantown Swim Team and are not included in the Shelby County League fees. 




The County Championship is open to all Shelby County High Schools who have paid their county dues, and meet qualifying times.

FACILITIES: County Championships will be held Saturday, January 25, 2020 at St. George’s hosted by Memphis Thunder Aquatic Club.

FORMAT: Format for championship meet will be prelim/final.  Top 16 swimmers in each individual event will return to swim finals.  All relays and 500 Freestyle are timed final.  Top 8 "A" relays and top 8 in the 500 Freestyle will swim in the finals session.  

FEES: $15 per athlete entered in the meet payable to Thunder, Inc.  Entry fee must be received before the meet begins.  Entry fees not received prior to the meet may result in the team not being allowed to participate.  HEAT SHEETS will be posted online for swimmers to print off and bring to the meet themselves. HEAT SHEETS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AT THE MEET.

ENTRY DEADLINE: Monday, January 20th by 12:00 noon. After the psych sheet is posted no changes will be made unless they are the error of the meet director

ELIGIBILITY: Swimmers must have achieved a championship meet qualifying time during the 2019-2020 swim season in order to be eligible to swim an individual event in the championship meet.  Swimmers without qualifying times may enter the meet as an Exhibition "B" relay only swimmer (see below).  Previous years are not accepted. Relays will not have qualifying times; however individuals must have qualifying times in order to enter the meet.  Swimmers must swim the desired event at least one time at a SCSL meet, even if the qualifying time is achieved outside of the league meets.

Meets considered eligible for achieving qualifying times are: all Shelby County seasonal meets, Germantown Invitational, and high school meets outside of Shelby County run with officials and published results, USA swimming meets during the 2019-2020 season. Swimmers must have swum the event at a Shelby County Swim League meet to be eligible to swim that event at County. Times from a USA sanctioned during the 2019-2020 season meet may be used ONLY IF that event was swum during a SCSL meet. Swimmers cannot enter an event that was only swum at a USA meet. Qualifying times can be found on the link under the High School tab.

Swimmers must have competed in two (2) Shelby County seasonal meets in order to be eligible for the championship meet. The Germantown Invitational is considered a Shelby County seasonal meet.  Outside high school meets are not considered eligible meets toward the two (2) meet minimum.    

Times achieved at eligible meets during the 2019-2020 season will be used for seeding at the Championship Meet.  

Previous year’s times  are not accepted.

SWIMMER LIMIT: Swimmers may enter 2 individual events for which they have achieved a qualifying time and 2 relays OR 1 individual event for which they have achieved a qualifying time and 3 relays. Swimmers may not swim 3 individual events and 1 relay.

EXHIBITION: There will be no individual exhibition entries. All individual events entered must have qualifying times.

EXHIBITION "B" RELAYS WILL BE ALLOWED. You may “finish” off a relay with non-qualifying swimmers. 

SCHOOL ENTRY LIMIT:  There is no limit for entries in individual events as long as a swimmer has achieved a 2019-2020 qualifying time.  Schools may enter 2 relays – 1 A relay and 1 exhibition B relay.  

SCORING: Only the fastest 3 swimmers and “A” relays per school are eligible to score. There are no exhibition entries in individual events.  

16 PLACES: 20, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 9, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Relays are awarded double points. 

DISQUALIFICATIONS AND MISSED RACES:  USA Swimming rules will apply.  USA Swimming certified stroke and turn officials will be used. Swimmers who miss a race will be allowed to swim if there is room, but will not score. No new heats will be added.





MEMBERSHIP: TISCA (Tennessee Interscholastic Coaches’ Association) oversees the State Meet. All guidelines and qualifying times can be found on their web site www.tisca.net.

DUES: Schools must be current TISCA members. Dues are $15 and are due October 31st. Late fees are an additional $25. Check the TISCA web site for additional State Championship entry fees.

TRANSFERS: Transfers must be cleared through TISCA before they are eligible to swim. Submit swimmer name, school he/she is transferring from and to, and the reason for the transfer to TISCA.  

DATE: The meet will be held Friday/Saturday, February 7/8 at the Allan Jones Aquatic Center in Knoxville, TN. Meet information will be available at www.TISCA.net, www.ShelbyCountyswim.com, and from Tennessee Aquatics as it becomes available.

COACHES’ MEETING: There is an annual membership meeting of TISCA each year at the State Swimming Championships. Check the TISCA website for date and time.