YMCA Meet Schedule

 Swim Meet Schedule: Winter 2017-2018


Meet Dates


Traveling Teams

Meet Info

Nov. 5th, 2017 

Ankeny Family YMCA None (Intrasquad)

New Swimmer Walk-Through: 2:15

Warm-ups: 3:00 PM

Meet Starts: 3:30 PM

Nov. 11th, 2017 Oskaloosa

Ankeny, Burlington

Meet Starts: 10:00 AM
Nov. 18th, 2017 Ankeny Family YMCA Charles City, Southern Prairie, Marshalltown, Boone, Walnut Creek

Meet Starts at 9:30. Ankeny Warmups at 8:30

Dec. 2nd, 2017 Marshalltown Ankeny, Muscatine, Burlington, Boone, Blackhawk County, TBA
Dec. 9th, 2017 Indianola Distance Challenge Ankeny, Nishna Valley, Boone, Walnut Creek TBA
Dec. 16th, 2017 Ankeny Family YMCA Ottumwa, Charles City, Wellmark, Waukee Meet Starts 10:30. Ankeny Warm-ups at 9:30.
Jan. 6th, 2018 Ankeny Family YMCA Forest City, Algona, Centerville, LeMars, Wellmark, Boone, Walnut Creek Meet Starts at 9:30. Ankeny Warmups at 8:30
Jan. 13th, 2018


Ankeny, Walnut Creek, Burlington Meet Starts at 10:00. Ankeny Warm-ups at 9:00-9:25, Starts 9:50-9:55. Facility Opens at 7:00.
Jan. 20th, 2018

Marshalltown - Snowball Invite

Ankeny, ???

Meet Starts at 10:00 

Doors open at 8 
Warm-ups start at 9 (lanes assigned the day of the meet)

Jan. 27th 2018 Nishna Valley

Ankeny, Boone, Waukee

Feb. 10th, 2018 Sectionals @Ankeny

Wellmark, Rathbun, Scott County, Ottumwa

Meet Starts at 10:45. Ankeny Warm-ups at 9:45-10:10.
March 3rd-4th, 2018 State @ Marshalltown

All Teams

March 17th-18th, 2018 YMCA Regionals @ Downtown YMCA Pool

All Teams

April 7th-8th MYAS - 2018 Midwest Regional Swim Meet @ The University of Minnesota Various Teams TBD


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