Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How often does my child have to come?

A:  At the beginner and intermediate levels we recommend 3 nights whenever possible.  This is to help with the muscle memory of the skills they are learning as well as the physical fitness aspect, so that swimming up and down the pool becomes easier.  As the swimmer gets older, we recommend more practices just as we offer more practices and longer practices as well.  Ultimately, a swimmers performance will be determined by how well they make stroke changes, how hard they work and how often they attend.  We only have requirements for our top group (College Prep, which is only 60%).


Q:  Does my child HAVE to do swim meets?

A:  NO.  We are a competitive swimming team, and we teach our swimmers techniques and racing strategies for competitive swimming.  While we encourage competition, we never require it.


Q:  Do you offer a try out period?

A:  YES.  We offer up to a week free for children to try us out and decide if this is what they want to do.


Q:  Does my child have to be a great swimmer to join CRAA?  I've heard it's really competitive.

A:  NO.  We are an all inclusive swim TEAM.  We pride ourselves in helping young people learn valuable life lessons through the wonderful sport of swimming.  Swimming is one of the best extra-curricular activities that helps children see the benefit of setting goals, working hard to achieve them as well as how to deal with disappointment when they don't achieve all they set out to do.  We want to work with ALL the children in the area.


Q:  What group does my child belong in?

A:  We have test sets for all groups (except beginner) that swimmers complete before moving up.  We can evaluate your child at a practice and provide you our recommendation as to which group would be a good starting point.


Q:  Will my child be in the same practice group all season?

A:  We do not limit a child to one group per season.  If he/she completes the move up test set (given around the last Thursday of each month), then he/she is eligible to move up the next month or practice day, whichever you prefer.


Q:  How do I sign up for swim meets?

A:  You can log into craa.org using your registration information, and then go to events.  You will then go to the swim meet you would like to attend and then click the attend/decline button.  The coaches will place your child in events based on what they are capable of.  When you click attend, you will have the opportunity to add notes like (we can only do Sat, or Jimmy really wants to try the 200 fly).  The coaches will do our best to accommodate your requests.


Q:  Is there financial assistance?

A:  YES.  We are an all inclusive swim TEAM.  We have financial aid forms for you to fill out confidentially, and then we will make a decision as to what level of aid you qualify.  We'd much rather have a child in the water than not.


Q:  What are work sessions?

A:  We host many meets throughout the year which help keep our dues low.  In order to adequately host these meets we need our parents to help.  Mostly we need people to hold a stop watch and time (it's the best seat in the house), but we also have other jobs that parents help with that enable the meet to run smoothly and professionally.  We no longer require families to work sessions during a hosted swim meet, but we appreciate and need the help so most people volunteer anyway to help ensure all swimmers have a great experience.


Q:  Where should my child sit during a swim meet.

A:  With the other swimmers on the pool deck or in the designated crash area.  During Football, Baseball, Soccer, Volleyball, and Hockey games, you don't see players sitting in the stands with their parents waiting to be put in the game.  They are with their TEAM cheering, supporting, and getting ready to play when it is their turn.


Q:  What are the expectations for swim meet attendance?

A:  As previously noted,  what meets you attend is up to you.   However,  all swimmers that sign up for a prelims/finals meet are expected to be available for finals meet including any relays.


Q:  Where do I (the parent(s)) sit during practice?

A:  USA Swimming insurance requires that only registered members of USA Swimming be on any pool deck during practices and meets.  Parents have access to the bleachers during any of our practices.