“Dry side issues” covers questions such as how to sign up for a meet, fundraising, work session or really anything that has to do with on-land activities can be directed to your child’s swim group mentor found on the website under Parent Info tab or fundraising, work session coordinator.


"Wet Side Issues", which covers swimming related needs such as placement, training, progress and meets.  Questions regarding these types of issues should be directed to the primary coach of the swimmer's group.  


Modes of Communication


DASH Website is updated regularly and contains general information about the club, team registration and contract information, as well as meet information, practice schedules, links to ISI Swimming, USA Swimming, Splash Multisport and other information and updates.



Virtually all of DASH news is published and sent via email. The practice schedule, upcoming meets, communications to specific practice groups, practice changes, inclement weather notices, meet entries, reminders and last-minute information is usually sent to families via email.  Text notifications are also available.


SMS/Texting Messages

You can now receive messages to your cell phone from the coaching staff via text messaging.  If you are interested in setting up this feature:

1. Log into your account.
2. Click on "My Account", under the log in button, a drop down box will appear
3. Click on "My Account" in the drop down box, this will open your
contact information
4.  In the 1st section called "Account Contact Information" toward the
bottom is SMS and Carrier options with open boxes next to them.
5. Enter your cell number and cell phone company and click save.
6. You will receive a text message on your phone within a few moments.
7. Click on the blue words in the text that your received to verify
your account.
**You will not receive texts until the set up is verified.

If you want your swimmer to receive texts: click Members tab on the account page and than on the swimmer's name you would like to add it to.  Enter the cell phone number and carrier and then click save.  They will need to confirm the the text on their phone to activate the texting.

Social Media

Follow DASH on Facebook


File Cabinet/Folders

 Located outside the DASH Room off the pool deck, family folders are kept in a file box where ribbons and other hard copy materials are distributed, such as picture envelopes and pictures.  Fundraising information packets will be found in either a file folder or alongside the family folders.



We would love to have your feedback regarding the program such as concerns and/or suggestions.  If you would like to share your thoughts login into your Team Unify site and under System is Feedback Zone; click on Feedback Zone and a comment box will appear.  DASH's feedback form can also be filled out and dropped in the box outside Coach Doug's office.