As a vital part of every child’s life, parents are the central figures in the growth and development of their children. Parents are the primary example after which children pattern their own behavior and beliefs.

Parent Responsibilities:

1. Provide a stable, loving and supportive environment regardless of performance and achievement level.

2. Encourage good diet and sleeping habits.

3. Demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times toward coaches, officials, opponents and teammates.

4. Volunteer!! It’s important to the sport of swimming. Unlike most sports where the “coach/manager does everything”, participation in swim team is a family effort. DASH relies on parent volunteers to help run swim meets, to help with team activities and to serve on the Board. It takes everyone’s help to ensure DASH runs smoothly. Please serve with enthusiasm and willingness to help DASH realize its goals!


Parents at Practice

Practice is time for swimmers and coaches to concentrate on improving the swimmers’ abilities in the water, developing a strong coach-swimmer relationship and fostering cooperation and unity within the group. It is important that parents allow this development to occur with limited interruption. Therefore, DASH requests that parents remain off the pool deck and talk to their children or the coaches during practice only when necessary. The coaches respect parents’ interest in their children’s activities and invite them to observe practice from the bleachers or in a designated area. Parents are always welcome to ask questions of coaches before or after practice, as well as contact through email or by phone.


Swimmer Drop-off & Pick-up and Waiting at Loras

Please do not drop off your child(ren) anymore than 20 minutes prior to their practice time, but, please make sure they are at practice and ready to participate AT their start time.

Following practice please make sure you pick them up no more than 20 minutes after the end of their practice time. Encourage them to dress quickly! If they are to wait for someone in a later practice group, they should change and return to the pool area or west entryway until that later group is finished. Make sure they know when you arrive so they are not walking around in the parking lots.

The Graber Sports Center and other parts (racquetball courts and lower hallways) of the San Jose Pool complex are off-limits to swimmers without direct coach supervision. Also, waiting or playing in the locker rooms is not allowed.