Athlete Protection

DMSF is a member of USA Swimming.  A top priority of USA Swimming is to keep athletes safe from sexual abuse.  The US Center for SafeSport is a separate and independent organization that oversees all reports of sexual misconduct involving athletes, and it created a new set of policies which establish baselines and acceptable safety standards to limit one-on-one interactions, social media and electronic communications between adults and minor athletes.  The policies also govern local and team travel arrangements with minor athletes, rules for the use of locker rooms and changing areas, and rules regarding massages, rubdowns and athletic training modalities such as stretching.  This year, USA Swimming has adopted these SafeSport policies, and has added requirements and education obligations regarding these new policies for its members, like DMSF. 

Accordingly, at our June 10, 2019 Board meeting, the DMSF Board adopted the new, enhanced SafeSport policy to protect minor athletes from abuse, which is called the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Program (“MAAPP”).  Our new MAAPP Policy can be found here.  Additionally, educational documents on each of the topics covered by the MAAPP Policy can be found here.

Waivers are permitted under certain circumstances, and are available upon request.  Please contact Alissa Smith at for a copy of a waiver.