Practice Groups


RCA offers a wide range of practice levels to accommodate all swimmers!

Lessons: RCA offers lessons for the learn-to-swim students. See our LESSONS REGISTRATION TAB at the top of the page for more information

Red Group  (All swimmers 8 and under and new 9-11 year olds) 

Practices last 45 minutes with a  maximum of two practices a week. Swimmers will work on all 4 competitive strokes but FOCUS on free and backstroke. Turns and starts will also be covered. Swim meet attendance is NOT required.   This group may attend 2 practices a week.

White Group (Ages 9-12) Swimmers with at least one season of experience. To enter this group swimmers should be able to swim 50 free and have working knowledge of free, back, and breast. Practices will be offered all nights with RECOMMENDATION of at least 2 nights a week,3 being ideal . Practices will last one hour. Swimmers will build on knowledge and racing techniques. Swim meets are not required but recommended!

Black Group (Ages 13 and over)

Swimmers new to swimming or with little experience. Swimmers will learn all 4 strokes and work on building endurance. The focus will be on Middle School and High school swimming readiness and fitness. Swim meets are highly recommended. Suggested attendance is 3-4 nights a week. Practice is 1 1/4- 1 1/2 hours long.

Senior Group-practice with Black Group

(Ages 13 and over+ 12 year olds with head coach approval) These swimmers are experienced and attending meets on a regular basis. Training 4 nights a week is expected. Practice is 1 1/2- 2 hours long. "Doubles" are expected when available.