Welcome to RCA Swimming!

River Cities Aquatics is a non-profit, year-round competitive swim team affiliated with USA Swimming and Iowa Swimming Inc. Our team competes against teams throughout the nation during the year. We are always looking for new swimmers, who are looking to better themselves as a swimmer, student, and all-around person. Swimming offers great opportunities for friendships to be built and maintained for life. Also, our swimmers are taught good sportsmanship and great moral values through hard work and competition. For more information on how swimming can benefit your child, please check out our parent education page.

To be a member of River Cities Aquatics, a swimmer must be able to swim one length of the pool (25 yards) freestyle or one length of the pool (25 yards) Backstroke. A swimmer will then be placed in a training group according to their ability and age.  It allows our coaching staff to provide the best instruction to a swimmer so they may achieve their full potential. Swimmers have the opportunity to progress through all levels of our training program while a member of RCA, but please remember that they must first display the ability to succeed at the next level before moving up a training group.

If a swimmer cannot complete a length (25 yards) of the pool. We also do offer group and private swim lessons through our Lesson Program. The program is geared towards competitive swimming at a very affordable price for swimmer's still looking to be a part of RCA (See below for contact information)


Team Fees:

Monthly: $55 month for one child; $30 month for each additional child

USA Swimming Fees: $70 year round ($38 for summer season only)

Average fees per meet: (2 days of swimming) $25.00

Team Apparel: Varies Per Training Group

Training Equipment: Varies Per Training Group

Scholarships are also available for swimmers!

To join or for more information, please contact RCA through our ContactMe

Forms and Websites for Families Looking to Become Members of RCA

 Check out our Document Tab for the current RCA and USA Swimming registration forms and the RCA handbook.