Meet Referee Resources

The referee responsible for the meet has responsibilities to the athletes, meet host, LSC and USA Swimming that start prior to,  and continuing during and after the meet. This means that the Referee should be knowledgeable and experienced in all positions on deck - both dry side and wet side.

The primary objective is to conduct a fair, equitable and consistent competition for all involved that complies with the rules, regulations, policies and interpretations. The last do change over time - it is the responsibility of the referee to ensure she/he is aware of, and applies these in a consistent and impartial manner.

The Iowa Swimming Officials Committee has compiled resources to assist referees and requires Meet Referees for Invitational meets to be certified by the LSC as a Meet Referee or apprentice with a certified Meet Referee to ensure that person is knowledgeable of the requirements and practices.

The following are resources available:

  • Meet Referee Handbook can be found here
  • Meet Forms are available here
  • OTS Users Guide (modified from Officials Chair guide which can be found on the Officials tab in the USA Swimming Website)
  • Clinic Notes can be found here
  • Latest list of IASI certified officials can be found here
  • Apprentice Forms can be found here
  • Deck Mentoring Forms can be found here