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Who Do I Contact

Who Do I Contact?

If you are interested in participating in a terrific sport both for its physical benefits and unique way of developing important life skills, then swimming is worth your consideration. We'd like to hear from you if you have a question or need more information on our team.

For general program inquiries please contact the Waukee YMCA Welcome Center at 515.987.9996 and your call will be directed to the YMCA staff member who can best assist.

Already a member of our team and have a question?

For team members refer to information below on who to contact for inquiries.

My question relates to: Who to contact:


  • Concerns with your swimmer’s abilities, readiness or experience on the team
  • How to help your swimmer be successful
Coach Karyl at karyl.palmer@dmymca.org

Technical questions with your TeamUnify account

  • Help with log in
  • Password reset
  • Troubles receiving account emails
  • “How do I” within TeamUnify or On Deck mobile app

Art Dinkin at adinkin@dvfin.com

Celia Richards at iowabuzzbee@msn.com

Volunteer questions, including:

  • Shift requests
  • What time and where do I check-in to volunteer
  • What to expect when I volunteer

Awards Team: Jamie Sundet at j.sundet@mchsi.com

Computer Team: Art Dinkin at adinkin@dvfin.com

Officials Team: Art Dinkin at adinkin@dvfin.com

Runner Team: Lori Vande Krol at lori@alifemadesimple.com.

Timer Team: Ana Bumgardner at anabumgardner@gmail.com or Tiffan Yamen at tiffanyamen@gmail.com

General: Celia Richards at iowabuzzbee@msn.com

Not sure what you need to know?

Start out with a member of our Parent Advisory Committee. If they don’t know the answer, they’ll know who to connect you with on topics like:

  • General program information
  • Program oversight and YMCA mission
  • I can’t volunteer
  • My account wasn’t charged properly or I need a refund
  • How to refer an interested athlete
  • How can I get more involved in helping, volunteering
  • Signing up for meet/events
  • What to expect at a meet
  • Deadlines, meet location, where to park, hotel blocks
  • What are “Q” times
  • My swimmer’s times are wrong, missing in their account

Art Dinkin at adinkin@dvfin.com

Joe Havenhill at joehavenhill@gmail.com

Matt Hueser at huesermatt@gmail.com

Emily Kell at emilyjkell@gmail.com

Celia Richards at iowabuzzbee@msn.com

Jennifer Rose at Jennifer.Rose@dmymca.org