Mission Statement

Mission Statement
The Coeur d'Alene Area Swim Team is an organization of Coaches, Parents, and Swimmers dedicated to the development of young athletes committed to teamwork, sportsmanship, fitness, building character, and striving to achieve set goals, while enjoying and mastering the sport of competitive swimming in a safe environment.

Our philosophy is based on the following beliefs:
1. Swimming is an art as well as a skill. Giving our athletes encouragement, responsibilities, goals and the direction by which to achieve these goals quite often result in a very mature, self-disciplined athlete. We wish them to be self-motivating, honest, and intelligent in their decision-making processes. We wish their experience at CAST to be one that allows them to develop strong life skills for use in their everyday life.

2. Athletes should swim against standards designed by the coach and that athlete. An individual’s standard of excellence is determined by self-improvement, self-accomplishment, and self-determination.

3. We do not ask the swimmer to live their whole life just for swimming. But, instead, to experience other aspects of life as well.

4. We are here to benefit the swimmers. Coaches and parents must maintain their separate responsibilities to ensure the most positive experience possible for these athletes. The coaches’ jobs are to offer constructive criticism to the athlete. The parents, brothers and sisters should provide love, understanding and encouragement.

5. Please remember that we should work together to make your athletes’ tenure with CAST a very positive and rewarding experience.

Not every child will be a great swimmer. However, if the program is well planned, every swimmer can gain a great deal from their involvement in swimming. It is with this in mind that CAST has developed the following objectives:

1. To promote, sponsor, foster, encourage, support, develop and improve amateur athletics for local, national and international competitive swimming in the best possible manner

2. To provide coaching, training and encouragement for increased proficiency in competitive amateur aquatic sport among boys and girls residing in the Coeur d Alene area, with an eye toward preparing them for local, national and international amateur competition

3. To further the interest and education of children and parents in competitive aquatic sports,
4. To maintain membership with the USA Swimming Association (USAS),

5. To provide good sportsmanship, and to make our swimmers aware of the value of team spirit,

6. To have consistent open communication between swimmers, coaches, and parents,

7. To provide opportunities for social and emotional development,

8. To provide opportunities to develop a healthy lifestyle and a love for swimming