CAST participates in a multi-level competitive program within United States Swimming and Inland Empire Swimming. We attempt to provide challenging and success oriented competitive situations for swimmers of all ages and abilities. The following policies outline our philosophy:

  • We emphasize competition within oneself. Winning ribbons, medals and setting records is not our main concern. The individual's career development is our primary concern.
  • Sportsmanlike behavior is of equal importance to improvement. Whether at practice or at meets, the value of team spirit, respect, responsibility and determined effort are all examples of behavior praised by the coaching staff.
  • Swimmers are prepared, then encouraged to compete in all swimming distances and strokes. This promotes versatility and encourages swimmers to explore their potential in the wide range of events offered in competitive swimming.
  • Swimmers are guided into, and encouraged to participate in, meets that the coaches select as the appropriate challenge for each individual. 
  • Swimmers are taught to set realistic, yet challenging goals for meets. These goals are then related to practices in an attempt to best direct training efforts.
  • Swimmers are nurtured within the sport so that they are willing and able to do their best through ten years of swimming, not just be the best at ten years old.
  • We believe that complete mastery of the strokes is the ultimate swimming goal. In pursuit of this quest, long-lasting technical perfection is emphasized prior to transitory strength development