Board Members

Message from the Board

The Board members of the Coeur d' Alene Area Swim Team (CAST Board) welcomes you to the team. This is now your swim team and program as well!

In large part, your participation with CAST will have as much effect on the team as the team has on you.

The CAST program is designed to accommodate all levels of participation from the beginning swimmer to the nationally competitive swimmer. Regardless of what level of swimmer you are currently, CAST has something to offer you. Above all, the CAST Board wants you to enjoy your participation on the team and have fun. CAST is primarily a competitive swim team whose many members work hard to achieve their personal competitive swimming goals while having fun with team members along the way. Long after you have finished swimming, the lessons of self-discipline, time management and work ethics will be with you. But we hope that your foremost memory is: “I had fun and enjoyed my time with CAST”.

The board wants to welcome the parents to the Team. You and your children have become part of an organization that has a tradition of excellence and a history about which we can all be proud. The philosophy of the CAST board operates in this single premise: “This is a program for our children”.

The programs, activities and learning experiences stem from this one thought. The coaching staff makes its decisions based on what they feel is best for the swimmers and plans its practices and meet schedules with this thought in mind. The parent volunteers work hard to better the program for their children. Children are our focus. CAST is a nonprofit organization and is administered by the CAST Board . Volunteers perform many activities, which are necessary to run this organization, with the exception of administrative functions.

There are many tasks to be performed. But with the help of all parents, the workload for any one individual will not be that great. More importantly, volunteer work brings you closer to the program and gives you common experiences to share with your children. The Coeur d' Alene Area Swim Team  can truly be a family experience.

All of us look forward to a rewarding, exciting and fun experience!

Board of Directors

To ensure continuity, a staggered portion of the Board of Directors is elected by the team’s membership on an annual basis (normally occurring at the end of the Spring Season's Pot Luck Dinner and Awards Night ).  All Board members are unpaid volunteers. We encourage you to consider becoming a Board member!

The Board welcomes your inputs and comments. Please feel free to stop a Board member at practice or give them a call to discuss any issues, concerns, and/or suggestions. The members of the CAST Board wish to maintain a good flow of communication between the swimmers, coaches, parent members and Board members of CAST.

The Board meets the second Thursday of each month in the Kroc boardroom and non-board members are welcome to attend. Board meeting minutes are available upon request.

Board Members

President:  Erik Smith [email protected]

Vice President: Jaci Downing

Volunteer Coordinator:  Betsy Davis [email protected]

Secretary  Christena Linford [email protected]

Treasurer:  Brenda Erickson: [email protected]

Events / Activities Coordinator:  

Fundraising:   Ashley Taylor-Felder

Publicity:  Todd "Marco" Craigie: [email protected]

Apparel:   Jaci Downing: [email protected]

Member at Large:  David Dolphay [email protected]

Official's Chair:  Steve Hudlet: [email protected]