CAST Poinsettia Fundraiser - 2017

Dear CAST Swim Families,

It is time again for the annual Poinsettia fundraiser! This is a fun and easy way to meet your fund-raising commitment. Visit your bank, dentist, doctor, church, school, neighbors...the list is endless! Poinsettias also make wonderful gifts for YOU to give to friends, family, teachers, coaches, etc...!

We have a new vendor this year, so our color choices have changed and we had to move up the due date for orders. Our poinsettias come in three sizes (4, 6, and 8 inch). A color photo is attached for you to print and show to your customers. Please have your customers pay you when an order is placed; however, businesses may be invoiced for larger orders. CAST will do the invoicing if you provide ALL pertinent information. You may offer a 10% discount if more than 20 plants are ordered by a single customer. Sales tax has been included in our pricing. Make checks payable to CAST. **You will be credited approximately 45% of the sale price towards your fund-raising commitment.

There are 3 forms attached to this email for you to use. Give the Customer Order Form to each of your buyers. Have them return it to you complete with their name, address, and payment. Please TRANSFER the number of plants from each of the Order Forms to the Master Tally Sheet. Turn in the Tally Sheet, along with all payments, by November 6 to the pool. (You keep the individual order form for your records. Only the Tally Sheet with your final total of plants sold will be accepted.) Please put your family name and phone number on the Master Tally Sheet. A drop box will be available on the Coaches cart from November 1 until November 6 for envelope drop off. The third attachment is the Photo Sheet.

At this time, delivery of the plants is tentatively scheduled for the first week in December (exact date to be announced) at Cd'A Bible Church, which is located on 4th Street across from Cd'A High School.

Call or email if you have any questions to Steve and Lea Hudlet: cell # 208-755-2809; TEXT is great. Email is hudlets@frontier.com

**One final note: We need a few volunteers to inventory the plants once they come in and possibly deliver orders to a couple of businesses. The volunteer times are relatively short, so please call Lea if you can help! Thank you! We cannot do this without your assistance!

Merry Christmas and Enjoy the Plants!

**Formulas are built into the Master Tally Spreadsheet if you choose to summarize your totals using a spreadsheet program. Or, just simply print and write in your totals. 


Customer Order form
Master Tally Sheet