Dues & Fees

2018-2019 Fees

Annual Fees



Billed in



Trial Period (up to one month)

Month of tryout


One-time, non-refundable fee. If you stay with the team this fee will be credited to your team account and can be used to help pay for the USA Swimming registration fee. Tryouts start the first week of a calendar month and the tryout session terminates the last day of the same calendar month.

USA Swimming Registration *



Required by USA Swimming

IES Admin Fee



Required by our LSC, Inland Empire Swimming

Sponsor Shirt/Parade Shirt



This fee will be collected in September and the shirts distributed at the end of April in time for the Apple Blossom parade.  Each swimmer on the team will be given a shirt which is to be worn for parade activities and team photos.

Hospitality Fee (Short Course Meets)



This fee is to help offset the cost of hospitality food for short course home meets

Hospitality Fee (Long Course Meets)



This fee is to help offset the cost of hospitality food for long course home meets

Dues Offset (Fundraising) **



This is a per swimmer charge that can be reduced via fundraising or choosing higher monthly dues.

* Registration Fee: Starting May 1 we will offer seasonal registration. The seasonal registration fee is $58 ($30 USA Swimming, $8 IES, $20 hospitality fee). Any swimmer registering between May 1, 2019 and July 31, 2019 will be eligible to register with the team at this reduced fee.

**Dues Offset (Fundraising):  The required dues offset can be paid in one of the following ways:  Contributions to our annual Swim-a-Thon which takes place in late April, corporate sponsorship(s), and/or Scrip.  You can also choose to opt-out of the dues offset fee by paying higher monthly dues.

Monthly Dues/Training Fees

Practice Group

Installment *

Seasonal Athlete **

(No Fundraising)

Up-Front 5% Discount

(Paid in September) ***

Senior ****



Not Applicable






$ 88




$ 77



* Installment: August is the ONLY dues-free month for these athletes.  By choosing this option you are committed to making 11 installment payments (September - July) towards your yearly dues. If your swimmer decides to leave the team before July 31, 2019, your account will be charged the $250 fundraising fee or the difference between the installment fee and seasonal fee for the months your swimmer is in the water, whichever is smaller.  You may choose this option if you are registering between September 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018. Swimmers registering on or AFTER January 1, 2018 must register as seasonal athletes. NOTE: Senior/high school athletes make 9 installment payments, instead of 11 as they do not pay dues during their high school season.

** Seasonal Athlete:  Velocity welcomes swimmers who can’t commit to year-round swimming. Pool space usage and coaching fees can vary significantly due to fluctuations of number of swimmers in the water each month. In order to offer the No Fundraising/Seasonal Athlete option, the team assumes financial risk / uncertainty. To compensate for that risk, these fees are higher. The additional amount per month is meant to cover that risk, as well as the swimmer’s fundraising requirement. Email the billing department ( by the 20th of the prior month to request to move your swimmer in or out of the water. Please note: due to our success and increased number of swimmers, seasonal swimmers may need their return to the pool approved by the head coach. This is especially true at the conclusion of the boys high school season in February when our numbers are at maximum capacity, and we have facility limitations.  Please also note:  August is NOT dues free for these athletes UNLESS they have swam ALL other 11 months.  Swimmers registering on or AFTER January 1, 2018 must register as seasonal athletes.

*** Up-front 5% Discount: This payment, once made, is only subject to refund by the membership appeal process outlined within this membership agreement.

**** High School Athletes:  If you are a high school swimmer, participating on your high school team, you may take an additional two months off, dues free.  The months are predetermined. Female athletes receive September and October dues free, male athletes receive December and January dues free. High school athletes are encouraged to continue to participate with the team during their high school season as long as they have paid their yearly registration fees.  High school athletes who have paid on the installment plan and have swam the other 9 months of the year will also receive August dues free.

Other Charges/Fees


Billed in



Team Cap

Month of purchase

$10 Silicone

$12 Dome-pro

Swimmers must wear our teal swim cap when participating in meets

Team Suit

Month of purchase


All swimmers are required to wear a Speedo brand suit during meets

Swim Meet Surcharges

Month of meet

$10 for champs meets

$25 for senior meets/regional

$100 for national meets

Helps offset the cost of sending coaches to these meets

Late Payment Fee

16th of month when account past due


Please keep your account current to avoid late fee charges

Unworked volunteer hours

Month of home meet

$25 per unworked hour

Please volunteer at our home meets to avoid this charge


Dues Offset/Fundraising - Installment and Paid Upfront Athletes ONLY

To help keep our monthly training fees reasonable, we ask families to participate in fundraising for the team. Each non-seasonal swimmer is required to bring in a minimum of $250.  There are three types of fundraisers we currently offer:

Swim-a-thon:  Our annual swim-a-thon is held in late April.  Swimmers swim for 2 hours or 200 laps, whichever comes first.  Swimmers can collect per lap donations and/or donations for participation in the swim-a-thon.  We try to make it a fun day for the kids with music, snacks, and treats.

Corporate Sponsorships:  Do you own your own company or know someone who does?  Corporate sponsorships are a great way to fundraise for the team.  100% of the corporate money you bring in goes towards your swimmer(s) fundraising requirement.

Scrip:  Purchase gift cards from America’s most popular retailers through Great Lakes Scrip Center (GLSC) and use them for your everyday purchases.  You earn money with each gift card purchase. Scrip gift cards are the same gift cards you can purchase from the retailer. Our fundraising group does a Scrip order about once a quarter.  Watch your email, Facebook, and team website for more information on placing an order.


All swimmers are encouraged to participate in meets. All registered swimmers are required to participate in our home meets. Sign-up for a meet is done online on our team website: Please contact the head coach for case-by-case exceptions to meet participation


Meet entry fees:

  • Billed to your account, due on the 1st of the following month.

  • Meet fees are paid by Velocity to the hosting team typically 2 weeks before the meet.  Therefore, you are responsible for payment if you do not attend that meet.

  • Meet fees are calculated based on the number of individual events and relays.

  • Individual events are usually $3.00 per event, however can be higher for per event for championship, regional, and zone meets.

  • Relay events are typically $3.00 per swimmer per relay.

  • Surcharge fees are per swimmer and required by the LSC and are usually $12.00 per swimmer for the meet.  The LSC uses these fees for organized operations and for equipment maintenance and purchase

  • Meet travel fees are paid on your own for hotel, travel, and meals.

  • This year the Washington Open Senior-level meet in mid-January will be a team travel meet.  If your swimmer qualifies for and attends this meet, they are required to attend with the head coach and chaperones.  Parents may attend the meet separately, but athletes will travel and lodge separately from parents.