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Private Lessons

Private lessons are intended for current Velocity Swimmers who want/desire private coaching instruction.  Private lessons will be held on select Saturdays throughout the season and available on a first come/first serve basis.  The swim lesson module within Team Unify will be used as the platform for enrolling in private lessons.  Each swimmer may enroll in 1 lesson every 6 weeks.  If a swimmer would like to to participate in more than one lesson within a six week period, they will need to wait until the Friday night before the lessons are being offerred to see if any slots are still available.  The cost for private instruction is $50 per half hour lesson, payable via credit or debit card ONLY (no checks or team credit accepted). 

Private Lesson Sign-up

Private Lesson FAQs

  • Would there be a push from coaches to have swimmers attend private lessons or move up groups? The short answer is no to both. First: Coaches will be instructed not to approach swimmers and offer their services for private lessons. It will be the expectation of the Head Coach to the coaching staff that they do not market or force the private lesson program in any way.  Swimmers and parents will access the sign-up process on their own, see what coaches, sessions, and times are available (coaches will input their availability in advance), and then make a choice whether to participate or not. Swimming takes hard work, dedication, and effort on several fronts. Private coaching can help, but it is only a small piece of the athlete success puzzle. Second: Private coaching sessions will not be used to suggest or offer group move ups or promise achievement of swimmer's goals and dreams. Our team’s group move ups are never done in a vacuum, nor are they ever done by one coach. Rather, move ups are done as a staff collective through proper discussion of the entire coaching staff in communication with parents. Each lead group coach offers a say in the group move ups to very group, not just their own. As Head Coach it is my expectation that group move ups are made on the basis of a swimmers achievements from a total athlete package of mental capacity, physical capacity, attendance at practices, and performance in competitions.  Head Coach John Pringle would hope to hear from a parent or swimmer immediately if they were feeling pressure from a coach to do private sessions with a group move up or goal achievement as a carrot.

  • Is there a potential for a perception of favoritism for swimmers that attend private lessons? Ultimately, we cannot control this as a team. People can perceive and think what they may. If there was such a perception however, the Head Coach requests that it be shared with him immediately so it can be discussed. Any member of the current coaching staff would be disappointed to learn they were giving off such a perception.
  • Why is this needed when I pay for instruction already? This is a need that has been expressed to coaches by several team members over time whether through direct contact and communication with coaches, or by actively seeking this kind of coaching outside of our own team environment. The facts are that some swimmers may need a bit of extra help to get a concept or master a method. This is no different than needing or seeking a tutor out for an academic class. Sometimes athletes feel they need a little bit more than they can get in the group coaching atmosphere. This program will provide a one-on-one learning environment where the swimmer has the full attention of a coach for a brief period-of-time, and hopefully helps the swimmer improve a perceived (by swimmer and parent) area of need.
  • What about those who may not be able to pay for a session but desire to have one, and can someone that can afford to pay for many lessons monopolize the program? The team will need to work through the inability to pay issue. The Head Coach requests that if someone wants this program and can't afford it that they directly and privately speak to him so a solution can be explored. Additionally, limits are put in place limiting the number of private sessions an individual athlete can have over a set period-of-time (one every 6 weeks--and empty spaces may be filled by a repeat swimmer on Friday after 5:00 PM). There are still minor details to work out, and as such we are offering this as a pilot program. If it is discovered that the program is being abused, the Head Coach and Executive Board may discontinue the program.