Welcome Letter!


Here are a few guidelines to help you navigate the strange, wonderful world of competitive swimming!!

First of all, Welcome!  Walla Walla Swim Club is the place to be if you're ready to explore competitive swimming, make new friends, learn new things, and just have fun in the water!

The heart of our club are our swimmers who work hard every practice, who encourage each other to take that next step, and who are the reason we exist.  Our parents, coaches and supportive community make our club the success it is today.

What to expect: Once you have completed your tryout and registration, you should receive an email from our club treasurer advising you of your registration in USA Swimming and in Walla Walla Swim Club.  Your monthly fees will be based on the practice group your swimmer is participating in.  Please reply to that email so we are certain we have the correct information for you.  

Regular Communication:  Our head coach will send out a weekly email to our swim families.  We strongly encourage you to thoroughly read these emails as they contain important practice information, changes to scheduling, swim meet information and more.  


Practice Days & Times: Practices are scheduled for each group. Please note the days, times, and locations where your swimmers group will practice every week.  If there are changes to those, they will be put out in an email from coaches.  Please arrive punctually to practices.  Please accompany your swimmer on deck their first day of practice and arrive early enough to introduce yourself and your swimmer to the coach.  We like to meet parents and swimmers!

Observing Practices: At the YMCA, it is best to observe practice from the benches in the hallway just outside the pool area.  At Whitman College, the balcony area above the pool offers parents a great view of what is going on during practices. 

If you would like to speak with your swimmer's coach, please catch coach after practice, drop them an email, or ask to set up a meeting.  Coaches are happy to meet with parents when they aren't focused on swimmers and can give you their undivided attention.


Swim suits: Should fit snugly, but comfortably.  We want them to stay in place during practice.  We recommend lycra or polyester training swim suits.  Please visit the WWSC Team Store to acquire gear including practice and competition suits.

Goggles: These help the swimmer be able to see under water and to keep water out of their eyes.  We like Speedo Vanquisher, Jr. Vanquisher, or TYR tracer goggles.  Other brands are fine, as long as they keep the water out.  Please no "goggles" which cover nose and eyes, those are made for snorkeling and don't work well for swim practice.

Swim Caps:  Swim caps are not required, but are highly recommended for swimmers with long hair.  Caps provide better movement through the water, help protect hair and keep hair under control during swim.  Swimmers may wear their favorite caps to practice, but we ask they wear a cap with our team logo during swim meets.

Water Bottle: Every swimmer should bring their water bottle to practice.  This is required for Silver and Gold practice groups and recommended for all groups.  Please NO GLASS bottles.  We have lots of bare feet and don't want accidents from broken glass.

Fins: Swimmers may, eventually, wish to purchase their own fins, however, both the YMCA and Whitman College pools have limited amounts of fins swimmers may borrow during practice, we just ask they return them once practice is over.  We like TYR Flex Fins, or something similar.

Kick-boards: Some swimmers like to purchase their own gear, however, both the YMCA and Whitman College have kick-boards to borrow during practice.  Please return all borrowed equipment at the end of EVERY practice so others may use it as well.

Front-Facing Snorkel (not your normal snorkeling snorkel):  Gold and Silver practice group swimmers will need to purchase their own snorkel for use during practice.  We don't loan those out.

Hand-paddles:  Both Whitman College and the YMCA have limited amounts of hand paddles available for use during practice.  Hand-paddles need to be the correct size, which is different from swimmer to swimmer.  Please see coaches for sizing.  Gold and Silver practice swimmers are strongly encouraged to purchase their own hand-paddles.

Equipment bag to keep it all in: We LOVE the TYR Large Mummy Mesh bag.  Great size, great price, and durable.  The variety of colors is cool too!   .


These can be a bit overwhelming for swimmers and their parents at first, but once you've done a couple, they're  a snap!  Coaching staff, and board members are good sources of information as you face your first meet!  Your swimmer may want to come observe a meet before they participate, or they may want to just "jump right in".  Please talk to your swimmer's coach when it comes time to sign up for a meet and see what events would be good for that first meet.

Signing up for a meet:   On this site,  You will see a list of swim meets.  Make sure you are signed in.  Click on the meet you'd like to enter, and click the "EDIT COMMITMENT" tab.  You will see your swimmer's name.  Click on their name.  There is a drop down tab.  Commit them to the meet, and in comments you may put in:  "BOTH DAYS" or ALL DAYS, OR JUST SATURDAY...etc.  You may pick their events or just commit  and coaches will pick their events for them.  Need Help??  Ask your swimmer's coach or a board member for help, they'll be happy to help you navigate through.

HOME MEETS and VOLUNTEER HOURS:  Walla Walla Swim Club hosts 2 swim meets per year.  Our first, January Storm occurs in January, and our Sweet Onion meet occurs in June.  We strongly encourage whole-team participation.  Parents may fulfill their club volunteer hours at these meets by running stop-watches, helping run the timing system, announcing events, working the hospitality (food and beverages), concessions, meet set-up, clean-up and so much more.  These meets don't happen without the work and dedication of our parents!

AWAY MEETS:  Travel is provided by parents.  Carpooling with another family can help cut down costs.  As meet dates approach, watch emails for important announcements.  If you're able to help out at our away meets, host teams are often looking for timers to help out for a couple hours. 

HEAT SHEETS:  This is the meet "Program" which is available for purchase at swim meets.  The usual cost is around $5 and it is a "cash only" system.  We advise everyone to bring $20 cash for heat sheets and in case they want to visit the concession stand.

SNACKS FOR THE MEET:   While there are concession stands at most meets, we also advice swimmers to bring snacks to much on between events.  We try to keep sugar to a minimum.  Cut up fresh veggies, fruit, crackers, sandwiches...etc. are a good way to keep swimmers fueled up.  Please NO SODA.  Burping up the bubbles during the races is no fun at all.  We recommend just drinking water during the meets.  For outdoor meets on hot days, adding a sports drink (Gatorade, Powerade...etc.) can help restore electrolytes.

We are glad you are here!  Please feel free to email coaches or board members with questions. (Contact information for for Coach is below and for Board Members can be found under "Team Info" section). We're a team and we do this together.

Thank you and welcome again to Walla Walla Swim Club!

Head Coach:  Erika Miller.  [email protected]