USA-S Top Times

Since its inception in 1994, the Academy Bullets Swim Club has consistently produced some of the best swimmers in the nation.

All-Time Top 100

Top 100 ListThe All-Time Top 100 is a ranking of the fastest times by age group, event, course and gender throughout competitive swimming. The list of times is derived from the Top 16 and Top 10 list each year. Therefore, in order to be on the Top 100 ranking, you must be on the Top 16 or Top 10 list. This section lists everyone in the Top 100 dating back to 1965.

National Top 10

Top 10 ArchiveStarting on September 1 and continuing until August 31 of the following year, USA Swimming records the times of swimmers across the country. Then we work to compile the list of the top 10 swimmers of each age. In November, we recognize those top athletes online. We then publish the list in the digital edition of the January-February issue of Splash Magazine.