Practice Groups

Practice Groups

Due to the COVID -19 outbreak some of this information may not be accurate. Please contact Head Coach, Will Barker ([email protected]) for updated information.


HEAT Swim Team Group Criteria

Below are GUIDELINES for placement in training groups. Ultimately, it is the Head Coach’s discretion with recommendations from the group coaches to place or move a swimmer. Even though a swimmer may be able to perform all of the physical tasks there are other factors that may be used to determine readiness such as: age, maturity, space availability etc. These decisions will always be made in the best interest of the athlete.


Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Our practice groups right now are Orange,C,D,E, and F. See button on main page that says practice schedule and groups.
1. This Schedule is for the 2nd semester of the unit 4 school year 2020-2021.
3. Practice times and groups may vary.