Meet Expectations

 Expectations for Competitions


1. Be a good Sport. Shale hands after a race no matter what.

2. Cheer for your team mates!

3. Be ON TIME for warm ups! This info is posted on the meet tab on the main page of our website.

4. Bring proper gear. Extra goggles, 2 towels, chair (if allowed). Meet snacks.

5. Focus on things you can control like the things you do in PRACTICE! Do not worry about where you are seeded, who is in your heat or trying to win. Stick to the things you can control and everything else will fal into place.

6. Relays, often times, will be mixed up during the year when possible to give many people chances to swmi with amny team mates. At major competitions, especially, Championship meets, we will create the fastest relays possible even if there happens to be a younger swimmer swim up an age group (when allowed) to make that happen.

7. If the meet is a prelim/final meet and you make finals YOU ARE EXPECTED to stay for it. If there are extenuating circumstances where you can't you MUST FOLLOW MEET PROTOLCOL to scratch from finals. Please communicate with your coaches.