Chairs and Representatives

  • Apparel/Equipment: Carolyn GileAmy Bergman
  • Social: (need 2-3 volunteers)
  • Concessions: Amy Chen, Wendy Barker (need 1 additional volunteer)
  • Hospitality: (need 2 volunteers)
  • Meet Management: Amy Bergman, Carolyn Gile, Karl Giessler 
  • Meet Entry Chair: Hrabri RajicMary Kate Krouse (need additional voluteer)
  • Officials: Edmond Chow 
  • Volunteer Coordinators: (need 3 volunteers)
  • Web Page: Sue Johnson, Edmond Chow
  • Fundraising: (need 2 volunteers)


Descriptions of Committee Chairs and Representatives


Equipment & Apparel

Description of Responsibilities: Work with Head Coach and Team Administrator to order apparel (e.g., t-shirts, polo shirts, swim caps) for swimmers and parents and ordering equipment for swimmers (e.g., fins, kickboards, paddles). This person(s) will pick up merchandise and help distribute to athletes, parents and coaches. 


Description of Responsibilities: work with staff (coaches, Team Administrator, webmaster) to publicize information relative to the team. This could include (but is not limited to): meet results, advertising about joining team, special articles about significant upcoming events, etc


Description of Responsibilities: work with coaching staff to structure activities, for both swimmers and families, to develop friendships and provide opportunities for the team to get together outside of competitions. This position will organize the spring banquet and fall kick cook out. 


Description of Responsibilities: work with YMCA staff and coaching staff to develop plans and actions for raising funds to help the competitive program of the team to meet the financial needs on an annual basis. 

Website Communications

Description of Responsibilities: work with coaching staff to develop and maintain an informative team website that is current, reflecting important information related to practices, upcoming events, and other relevant news. 


Description of Responsibilities: develop a group of parents who are willing to become certified USA Swimming/YMCA officials and to help in maintaining that certification through continuing education and training. 

Meet Management

Description of Responsibilities: work with coaching staff and met location staff to secure dates for the home meets (Erin Block Invitational, Midwinter Classic, Illinois Open), work with IL Swimming to get meets sanctioned and meet information packets submitted, to help secure meet directors for the home meets, and to help secure major subcommittee chairs for the home meets.

        Subcommittee Chairs for Home Meets

Meet Director(s)

Description of Responsibilities: work closely with Meet Management Chair to plan and organize the major home meets and the smaller half-day YMCA meets. This includes submitting  sanction applications to IL Swimming, securing dates with the location hosts, overseeing the operation of the meet (coordinating the various subcommittee chairs), and submitting financial report at conclusion of meet.


Description of Responsibilities: plan and organize concession sales for home meets. This includes obtaining permit from Department of Public Health, purchasing food to be sold, arranging with area restaurants for donations or deliveries of food, and arranging for ice.


Description of Responsibilities: plan and organize (with Volunteer Coordinator) a group of parents knowledgeable in the running of the computers and the computerized timing system used at meets to work the various sessions at home meets.


Description of Responsibilities: order ribbons and medals for major home meets and distribute accordingly at the meets based on results.

Meet Entries

Description of Responsibilities: work with Meet Director(s) and Head Coach to organize entries for home meets. 

Training Group Representatives

Description of Responsibilities: be the “voice” of the training group you represent (typically which your child(ren) swim in). This can include bringing concerns to the Board meetings about practice issues, coach issues, or any other parental concerns, comments, or questions that the Board should be aware of.

Volunteer Coordinator

Description of Responsibilities: work with Meet Management chair and meet directors for home meets to develop roster of needs for volunteer help. Also entails contacting families to solicit help and to schedule shifts for working at all home meets.