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Here in CPD, we have local swimming (which are all of the Chicago Park District pools competing against each other) and we have a traveling team (which are all of the local pools competing with each other at USA Swimming sanctioned meets).


  • All CPD locations are part of the Chicago Park District Swim Club. This season runs from September to late December.
    • Every athlete registered with team sports is able to participate in local swim meets between CPD parks at no additional charge.
    • The entries for these meets are done through your local swim coach                                                       
  • In addition, athletes are welcome to register and compete at USA Swimming sanctioned swim meets via the team website for an additional fee per meet. This season runs from September to early March for our short course season and June to early August for our long course season. 
    • Athletes that swim in USA Swimming sanctioned meets have the opportunity to qualify for Illinois Swimming State Championships, Central Zone, Sectional, Jr Nationals and even the Olympic team trials. All times achieved at USA Swimming sanctioned meets are recorded on a national database for qualifying purposes.

The approval of a Natatorium Instructor is required before registration. All new athletes must try-out. To learn more about tryouts, please email the Instructor of the pool you are interested in. This can be found under the "Our Coaches" page.


During the Spring season, we are offering "swim-only" locations where athletes who do not wish to participate in water polo can receive a swim practice. To qualify for these practices, the swimmer must know how to swim all four strokes (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle). 

The locations are Tuesday-Friday at...

Dyett HS: 5-7PM

Homan Square Park: 5-7PM

Uplift HS: Tuesday & Thursday 5:15-8PM
                Wednesday & Friday 5:15-7PM **CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE




Approval of a CPD Natatorium Instructor is required.
All new athletes must try-out prior to registration. 

15% fee for refunds only before the start of program, even if child fails the swim test!
NO REFUNDS after program begins.