Swim Club Boosters

The CPD Swim Club Boosters is an organization created by and for parents of the CPD Swim Club. The purpose of the Boosters is to provide financial support for the team, to enhance team spirit, and facilitate communication between the parents and the coaches. In order to be successful it is very important that we have very strong parent participation. The Boosters are organized around three specific functional areas.

1. Fund Raising
  We can meet out fund raising challenge through a variety of efforts, which includes Swim-a-thons and soliciting donations.

2. Administration
  The CPD Boosters handles many non-coaching administrative functions, which frees up more time for our coaches to do what they do best - coach our swimmers. These functions include the web-site, external publicity, managing the money movers account, and the annual swim banquet.

3. Team Spirit
  The final area of focus for the CPD Swim Club Booster is to work with the coaches to coordinate the activities and provide team merchandise that will enhance the total "CPD Swim Club experience."