Delta Aquatics is proud to announce its affiliation with SwimAmerica, the nation’s leading learn-to-swim school. This program was created by America’s foremost experts on swimming and is the only program endorsed by the American Swim Coaches Association. SwimAmerica™ uses the station method to teach children how to swim quickly and efficiently. Its effective and logical teaching progression builds strong swimming by introducing new skills while constantly reviewing those previously mastered.

SwimAmerica™ is a nationwide Learn-to-Swim program with over 750 sites currently operating in the U.S. Each year many area youngsters aged 3 and older come to Delta Aquatics’ SwimAmerica™ program to learn to swim. A nationally certified staff, utilizing state-of-the-art instructional techniques will take your child through a progressive station program. Each station is designed to offer swimmers a valuable and useful skill. Once swimmers master station 7, they are eligible to join the Delta Aquatics Swim Team.

The SwimAmerica™ program emphasizes two aspects: it is goal driven and technique oriented, utilizing a station teaching method. Children are taught in small groups and move to higher skill groups as they achieve the advancement goals of their present group. Starting with the most basic skill, blowing bubbles in the pool, swimmers advance through 10 skill stations from "roll over and float" to advanced stroke mechanics.

Goal Driven

There are well-defined skills that are recognized at every step. In each of the 10 stations  swimmers are rewarded for their efforts and accomplishments at every phase of the learn to swim progression which builds their self-confidence. Each swimmer is presented with a special certificate, which clearly defines their progress as they build swimming technique and ability.

A Graduation Certificate is awarded to each child at the end of his or her first session. Upon graduating from future levels, children receive special gold stickers to place on their certificate. In addition, they are given an Advancement Card that lists the requirements for their next level. Parents appreciate knowing what children will be mastering at each level in the program.

You can follow your child's progress by checking the back of their certificate, which outlines the advancement skills of each station. The program director or site supervisor does ongoing evaluations of each swimmer during the session and will advance a swimmer when they are ready for the next station.

Technique Oriented

Our program is concerned with teaching proper stroke mechanics from the beginning. Correcting errors is more difficult later in the developmental progression. The program director, site supervisors, and coaches emphasize correct swimming skills from the very first lesson and have been professionally trained to offer your child the latest in swimming technique.

Water Safety

Water safety is an important part of the program. Early on, children are taught to “roll over and float.” This is a necessary skill in case of a water emergency. “Roll over and float” will be reviewed at every lesson. And while SwimAmerica™ students receive only the highest quality instruction, it’s important to remember that no child is ever water safe unless supervised by an adult at the water's edge.

Station Method

Our classes are taught using a ten station method.  The basic skills of swimming are broken down into 10 sequential stations.  Swimmers are placed into stations based on skills they have demonstrated to the instructors.  To learn more about our 10 stations please click here.