About Lessons

Delta Aquatics is committed to offering our members only the most extraordinary aquatics experiences.  We understand that not every swimmer has plans of competing in the near future.  To accommodate all the aquatics goals of our members, we are pleased to offer two distinctly unique lesson programs.  For those who are mostly concerned with their swimmer just learning to be water safe, we offer our Advantage Swim Lessons.  Swimmers who wish to enhance their swimming experience and potentially join a competitive swim team will see that our Competitive Swim Lessons are the perfect choice.   The curriculum for these classes has been created by the Delta Aquatics coaching staff.  Based on a simple plan of progression, students will rapidly move throughout the various levels.  With our instant promotions, as soon as a swimmer masters the graduation requirement he or she will immediately move up to the next level.  Students do not have to wait for the next session to start working on new skills.  This keeps the classes fresh and exciting and the swimmers always wanting to learn more.


These classes are specifically designed to take a swimmer from the early stages of learning water comfort all the way to swimming 20 continuous yards of freestyle and backstroke.  With a heavy emphasis on kicking, these lessons will make your swimmer water safe and give him or her the foundations of proper stroke technique should he or she decide to pursue competitive swimming in the near future.  To learn more about the skills that are being taught in the Advantage Swim Lessons click here.



For those swimmers who have already completed the Advantage Lesson program or who already know how to swim Freestyle and Backstroke and wish to get ready to join a competitive swim team, or for those summer swimmers who would like to keep working on their stroke technique without the commitment of joining a winter team, our Competitive Swim Lessons are the perfect choice.  These lessons are specifically designed to get a swimmer ready for the competitive season.  Blending a focus on technique and drills with supervised conditioning exercises, these classes are a perfect way to ensure an easy transition into competitive swimming.  To learn more about the skills taught in our Competitive Swim Lesssons click here.



Classes are offered on Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the school year.  Each class is 30 minutes in length.  For a list of all the class dates and registration dates click here.  Due to home high school meets and the available pool space, our lessons sometimes vary in starting time and cost.  For more specific information about our lessons please click here.