Junior Diving Team

Delta Junior Diving Lessons

The lessons group is targeted to youth participants above 6 years of age who have had little to no experience in diving. This program is an introductory session the will teach the fundamentals of springboard and platform diving. Within this session, participants will learn basic skills grouped into four different levels from basic to pre-competitive team skills. They will include but are not restricted to, stretching techniques, proper body alignment, body positions (tuck, pike and straight), how to properly enter the water head first (both front and back entry), front and back take-offs, variations of jumping positions, and front and back dives. These skills are gained on and off the diving board and lower level platforms that will enable participants to progress towards more advanced skills and/or dives.   Participants should be strong enough swimmers to be deep end of the pool.

This summer we will be offering 2 three week sessions. Session 1 begins on June 10th. Sesssion 2 begins on July 8th. Both sessions run on Mondays-Thursdays from 10:45-11:45. The cost for each session is $120. If you are interested in registering for these classes, click here.