Tryout Information

Delta Aquatics
Extraordinary Awaits

All swimmers who wish to join the Delta Aquatics swim team must be evaluated by a member of the coaching staff prior to registration.  Any swimmers registered without being evaluated will have their membership denied.  If you would like to schedule an evaluation please email

Due to the restrictions of the Covid virus there are some particular rules that need to be followed.

Swimmers must enter through door 30.

All swimmers will be required to fill out a brief medical evaluation and have their temperature checked.  Any swimmer displaying symptoms of Covid 19 will not be allowed to enter the pool.

Parents are not allowed to enter the building.

The locker rooms are closed except for emergencies.  Swimmers should come to the pool wearing their swimming suits.

Upon entering the building, the swimmers will sit in one of the chairs that have been placed around the pool.  The coaches will let the swimmers know when it is their turn to swim.

Upon completing the tryout, the swimmers will exit through door 32.  

All swimmers must have a mask on when they are not in the pool.  They should have a ziploc bag for their masks when they are swimming.