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Swimmers Edge

Delta Aquatics is proud to be affiliated with Swimmers Edge as our equipment supplier. The store will come out to practice one time during the early portion of each season and the dates & times will be posted on the practice calendars. You can try on suits and purchase all the swimming equipment and apparel you will need for the season at this time. If you are new to swimming and need help sizing your suit, you will want to attend one of our fittings when Swimmers Edge can help you choose the proper fit. Racing suits should be tighter than you might normally pick for a practice suit. We advise being fitted rather than making a mistake on purchasing the wrong size suit. 

If you need additional equipment or cannot make the team fitting, you can drive out to their location, call and place an order 630-985-2334 (be sure to mention your order is for Delta Aquatics) or click on the Swimmer's Edge logo below to visit the Delta Aquatics online store where you can purchase all your equipment for the season.  Orders will not be collected by the coaching staff. 

Click HERE for the current Fall/Winter 2019 order form. (It is helpful to print & bring this with you!)
Click HERE to view the limited edition items offer in Fall 2019. We are also offering two new sweatshirts this fall & winter hats too!

Swimmer's Edge
7532 Janes Avenue
Woodridge IL, 60517

Apparel Info

  • All swimmers must have a team suit to compete in meets. 
  • All swimmers must have the equipment required for their group.
  • The only caps swimmers may wear at practice or meets are Delta Aquatics team caps. Personalized team caps will be ordered once during the early part of each season, but personalization is not required.
  • All swimmers are expected to purchase the team shirt and the team jacket.

Equipment Needed by Group
Below is a list of what equipment is needed for each group. Swimmers are required to have these items at practice each day. When Swimmers Edge comes out on apparel night, they will have this equipment available. Please purchase the exact equipment listed. Do not make any substitutions. Swimmers may purchase additional items not required for their group, for example many will purchase a mesh bag to carry their equipment to and from practice easily. 

Developmental Team Suit, Team Shirt, Team Jacket, Team Cap, Kickboard & Long Fins
Advanced Team Suit, Team Shirt, Team Jacket, Team Cap, Kickboard, Long Fins, Pull-Buoy & Paddles
Senior Prep Team Suit, Team Shirt, Team Jacket, Team Cap, Kickboard, Long Fins, Pull-Buoy & Paddles
Senior 1-2, High Performance Group Team Suit, Team Shirt, Team Jacket, Team Cap, Kickboard, Long Fins, Pull-Buoy, Paddles & Snorkel 

Apparel Policies

Team Apparel at Meets
Swimmers will wear the following shirts on the given day of a swim meet.  Parents are encouraged to participate as well!  Shirts (and much more!) may be purchased online through Swimmers Edge.

Thursday - Navy Shirts
Friday - White Shirts
Saturday - Gray Shirts
Sunday - Navy Shirts

All swimmers will wear their Delta Aquatics team cap at all competitions.

Team Suits
Swimmers will wear the "regular" team competition suit at all meets unless otherwise specified by the coaching staff.  Typically prelim/final meets, last chance meets, or specific target meets will be ‘suited’ meets.  All championship meets are technical suit meets.  Please read the Delta Aquatics tech suit recommendation list by age.  We do not want our 10 year old swimmers in expensive suits!

We recommend boys to train and race in briefs so there is more of an effect of compression in a technical suit at taper meets, but jammers are allowed.  Women’s two piece suits are not allowed in competition or practice.

Swimmers will wear their Delta Aquatics team cap at all practices.

Delta Aquatics Tech Suit Guide

Tech suits are high-performance suits which have gained a great deal of momentum in recent years. Technology is helping swimmers swim faster and faster as they reduce more and more drag in the water. Does your swimmer need a tech suit? NOPE! They do not, but as they get older and/or faster, they may want one. If you're considering purchasing a tech suit, make sure you do a fitting so you know the suit will fit correctly. Tech suits can be purchased through Swimmers Edge and for certain Senior qualifying meets, swimmers who participate may be eligible for a discounted price.

As tech suits are just a piece of the puzzle of swimming, our team will utilize the following guide for what suits to use by age/swimming level.

Tech suits WILL NOT be used at regular season meets.  Tech suits may be used at prelim/final meets with coach approval.  Tech suits may be worn at designated 'Target' meets.  Tech suits may be worn at Championship meets. Meets where tech suits are able to be worn will state it on the meet page for that meet.


10 & U - Speedo Aquablade / TYR Fusion / Speedo Fastskin


11-12 - Speedo Fastskin / Arena Powerskin ST / TYR Fusion / Speedo LZR Elite (old models)


13 & Older - Speedo LZR Elite / Speedo Racer X / Nike NG-1 / Arena Carbon Series / TYR Avictor