Member Policies

Delta Aquatics Swim Team Policies

As a School District club, and member of USA-Swimming, we adhere to policies pertaining to athlete and non-athlete safety and conduct, and policies of our Board of Education.

Weather Updates
Because we practice in the school pool at Oswego East High School, we must follow the rules of the school system (School District 308) when it comes to building usage. In general, if school is canceled for a weather event, our practices will also be canceled. Please keep your eye on your email, our social media accounts, and the website for up-to-date information if the weather looks bad.

We will seek to communicate with everyone in these primary ways. 

  • We will send an email to our active roster
  • We will post updates on the news page of our website
  • We will post on all social media (Facebook and Twitter)

Social Media
Join our facebook page and follow us on twitter. If you're not on twitter, but would like to get text messages from us, you can text "follow @deltaaquatics" to 40404 to get signed up.

Delta Aquatics Membership Policy
The Delta Aquatics membership policy exists to insure that all members are able to participate fully in its programs and experience quality coaching, while making optimal use of available pool time. Therefore, Delta gives membership preference as follows:

  • Continuing active members, provided their registrations and fees are received by Delta by the due date.
  • Siblings of existing Delta team members
  • New Members from within the school district*
  • New Members out of the school district*

*All swimmers who did not swim with Delta during the current season are considered new members for the new season registration.

All continuing active Delta members who have not registered by the current member registration date lose their guaranteed position on the team. All unclaimed positions will be pooled and allocated to new swimmers based on the formula listed above. Continuing members whose registrations and fees are received after the due date are accepted on a first come basis with new members. The coaching staff may, on a case-by-case basis, provide for exceptions to this policy.