Group Season Fees

Glenbrook Aquatics is a competitive swim team supported and operated under the umbrella of Glenbrook School District 225.  Glenbrook North High School and Glenbrook South High Schools boast amazing facilities that the GA aquatics programs are able to use year round for training and competing. With the support of the school district and its board of directors, GA is able to provide quality programming for residents within the district boundaries at very affordable pricing as well. 

One of the more common questions that we are asked is cost for the swim club. Our aquatics programming is financially self sufficient and does not rely on tax money from the district. As such, we must require fees from our membership. To help with some of the questions, we have provided a general breakdown to use as a guideline when considering the GA Swim Club.

There are four swim seasons offered annually:                                 
Fall Season, Winter Season, Spring Season, Summer Season
We limit public access to our registration site to specific times of year when seasonal registration is available. This allows us to open different windows of registration for each of our different aquatics programing throughout the year. 

Each season will have a group fee which depends on the number of weeks per season.  Fall & Winter are usually 11-12 weeks long, and spring and summer are usually 6-8 weeks long.  The group fees range in price from approximately $180-$375 depending on the group placement and the number of practices offered per week. The summer season usually allows for an extra day of practices for the developmental groups.

One MANDATORY annual fee all swimmers must pay is the USA Swimming Registration fee. This fee is normally paid in the Fall season and covers the full school year (until the following fall season). If you do not swim fall, then the fee is paid at season registration of either winter, spring or summer. GA pays that fee directly to Illinois/USA Swimming and it covers insurance for each athlete as well as the swim meet registration requirements. The fee is $75 annually for 2018.

GA also charges a family fee twice a year.  Each family regardless of the number of swimmers will pay $50 which covers both fall & winter and another $50 which covers both spring and summer. If you swim only one season, it is still required to be paid. The family fee is usually charged in the fall and spring seasons but will be charged if only swimming winter or summer. The fee covers many extra aspects of the club such as team t-shirts, team caps, achievement prizes, developmental and dry land equipment, team relays etc.

Due to the great home meets GA runs we only need to conduct one fundraiser per year and it is a fun one.  It happens in late October and there are many special prizes and challenges for the swimmers......stayed tuned for that information.

Swimmers that sign up for USA swim meets will be charged for the events they are entered in. Coaches carefully select the events for each swimmer and meet info  is sent out to the swimmer before the meet.  Please note that even if your child signs up and does not attend, you are still responsible for those meet fees. The team pays them to the host club in advance of the meet.  The charges are anywhere from $3-5/ per event with an additional athlete fee, usually $3-5 per athlete.  Those changes will be sent to your GA online account that can be checked at anytime.