How many seasons of swimming does GA offer during the year?

Glenbrook Aquatics offers four seasons of swim club, each with a separate registration. Registration deadlines are listed below. For the 2017-2018 year, the season dates are:

Fall: September 11 - December 3

Winter: December 4 - February 22

Spring: April 2 - May 27

Summer: May 28 - July 20

Families decide which seasons to swim based on other commitments. If swimmers take a season off, they do not have to be evaluated for the team again; they may register for the same group upon their return. Swimmers who take a long break may be asked to be evaluated again to insure appropriate group placement.

What are the registration and payment deadlines for each season of swim club?

For 2017 - 2018, the deadlines for online registration and payment are:

Fall Season deadline: August 31, 2017

Winter Season deadline: November 21, 2017

Spring Season deadline: March 21, 2018

Summer Season deadline: May 21, 2018

For 7 days immediately after each registration period, there is a late registration extended period. Group fees increase by $50, and any swim group that is full by the regular registration deadline will NOT be available during the late registration extended period.

Can I receive email notices at more than one email address and/or change my log in email address?

Yes!  Sign into your GA account and look on the left for the choice that says “My Account.”  Click there, and your account information screen will appear. You will see your login email, which is your primary email.  (This is the only email you can use to sign in, register for future seasons or meets, etc.) You will see a button to “Add Email.” Parents often enter the swimmer’s father’s and mother’s email addresses or home and work email addresses. All the email addresses you provide will receive the team’s email notices.

***IMPORTANT***  Decide which email address your family will use to sign in, to register your swimmer online or to sign up for meets.  The first email (login email) listed is the ONLY email address you may use to sign into your account.  Please email [email protected] if you need assistance.

How can I contact a coach?

Email is the best way to contact a coach. If a phone or in-person meeting is needed, the coach will schedule that via email. From the GA homepage, click on the Staff Directory link, just next to the Parent Corner link under the photo display. The Staff Directory lists the primary emails for coaches for all GA programs. 

When can my other children or neighbors join GA?

We hold evaluations twice a year in August (for our fall and winter seasons) and in March (for our spring and summer seasons). Dates and information are posted on our website in the month prior to the evaluations. Look under the New Swimmer Info tab at the top of the homepage.

Is there a directory of swimmers?

Our GA phone roster is posted on the secured section of our website under Swim Club. It is available ONLY to our GA members logged into their account. The directory is updated shortly after each new registration period is completed.   

What are GA’s Financial Policies?

The financial policies were included in your registration packet.  For review, you can find the policies linked here:  GA FINANCIAL POLICIES 2016-17

What are Achievement Points?

Glenbrook Aquatics uses a point system to recognize a swimmer's effort, achievement and contribution to the club. Points are rewarded for everything from attendance to good grades in school. Once a year the points are redeemed for cool GA swag that the swimmer can wear or use to further represent the team.  

For full details, click here:  GA ACHIEVEMENT POINTS PROGRAM

What is the Super Splash Fundraiser?

The Super Splash is Glenbrook Aquatics’ swim-a-thon, held annually in the fall.  Funds raised from this event all come back to the team membership in the following areas:

  • Team equipment: From the kick-boards our developmental groups use to the stretch cords and parachutes our senior groups use, we supply a great deal of equipment that we keep accessible to our members that lies outside of the required personal equipment
  • Team apparel: Annual team t-shirts and non-personalized team caps come from this fund as does our championship team gear and caps along with our parent volunteer shirts worn at our hosted meets
  • Team functions: Team outings are often subsidized with this fund to allow for a less expensive team gathering (bowling, pool party, etc) with the hopes of encouraging the entire family to attend.
  • Achievement Program Prizes: Collecting points through attendance, drink donations, etc earns your swimmers prizes such as sweatshirts, hats, towels, etc.

Due to the success of this event, it is our ONLY fundraiser of the entire year.  Everyone in the club, from beginners to our high school swimmers, participates by swimming for one hour on one of the two dates it is offered. Although we cannot require swimmers to raise and bring in money, ALL swimmers are required to swim one of the nights of the Super Splash, regardless of whether they are donating or not.  One parent is asked stay to count while your child is swimming if at all possible. Even our youngest swimmers are able to swim for an hour, using a kick-board as needed, and are so proud of their achievement.

Prizes are offered based on the amount of money the swimmer brings in. Complete information is emailed to registered swim families in the fall and found here: 2015 SUPER SPLASH INFO