HPAC Tryouts

Spring/Summer 2018 Tryouts 

Schedule a tryout today!  Please contact Coach Jory Blauer to schedule a tryout: joryblauer@ymail.com, or call 847-722-8841


Where are tryouts? Highland Park High School - 433 Vine Ave., Highland Park, IL - in the BRAND NEW 15 LANE POOL!!! 


What will the tryout look like? Swimmers will be asked to swim freestyle and backstroke across a 25 yard pool. If they can perform these two strokes, they will be asked to demonstrate breaststroke and butterfly to the best of their ability. Coaches may ask to also see a flip turns, open turns and streamlines, however these are not required in order to join HPAC. Stronger swimmers will be asked to stay longer and perform several laps in order for coaches to determine which group they would fit into best


Next Steps? If your swimmer is ready to join HPAC, we will send you an email with registration information as well as which group you swimmer will join. After they're registered, they are welcome to come to practice as soon as the season starts! Our Spring/Summer 2018 season starts on Monday, April 9th 


Questions about tryouts? Email Coach Jory at JoryBlauer@ymail.com. We will discuss swim meets, practice requirements and equipment needs after your swimmer's tryout.