Practice Groups

HOSC Group Descriptions and Participation Expectations

The Hornet Swim Club (HOSC) offers a comprehensive program of instruction and training in competitive swimming for youth ages five and older. Swimmers are placed in groups based on the swimmer‘s age, but in some cases a swimmer may train with a higher group. Stroke refinement is a major emphasis of the Hornet Swim Club throughout every level of the team.

Hornet Swim Club requires the following from its swimmers and their families:

1.     A positive attitude and appropriate conduct

2.     Regular practice attendance as noted below

3.     Meet attendance as noted below

4.     Parent participation, particularly at home meets, and in other roles as needed to support the team.

Although some equipment is available at the pools, the coaches strongly recommend that all swimmers have a mesh bag and equipment as appropriate for their group.  Click here for the list. 

8 and Under

This group is for swimmers aged 8 & under. The focus for this group is to refine existing strokes, to develop the kick for all four competitive strokes, to introduce the arm fundamentals of the strokes, to develop diving skills, and of course, to have fun! 9-year-old swimmers will be allowed to swim in this group only if they have not demonstrated proper form for all 4 strokes: freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke.

The 8 & unders practice for 1 hour each day, 3 days per week. 



This group is for swimmers ages 9-10.  The Bronze group continues to refine strokes and will have structured training sets designed to improve their conditioning, speed, and confidence. For an 8-year-old to be eligible for this group, the athlete must be able to swim all 4 strokes legally and have at least two 9-year-old B cuts in different strokes or the 100 IM.

Practice will be offered 4 times per week for 60 minutes.  



This group is for swimmers ages 11-12 (and some 13 year olds). These swimmers demonstrate four legal strokes, are proficient in starts and turns, and like to compete. The focus is to build the endurance and speed necessary to complete the practice sets. They begin to focus on race strategy and mastery of the skills needed to compete in every event offered in competitive swimming. The Silver group will continue to refine strokes using detailed drills and advanced training techniques.

Practices are offered 4 times per week for 60-90 minutes.



This group is for swimmers who normally would be in the Bronze or Silver practice groups but have achieved at least 1 Age Group State or 4+ Regional cuts in the previous season (long course or short course) and has goals of pursuing their swimming career as far as possible.  A stronger emphasis is placed on the conditioning of energy systems from previous groups. Swimmers will be introduced to goal development and continue to develop and refine race strategies. 

Practices are offered 5-6 times per week for 75-90 minutes.  Swimmers aging up while in the Gold group (from 9-10 to 11-12) can still remain in the Gold group even if they do not meet the time requirements at the time of aging up.

Swimmers moving out of the Gold Group will be required to spend at least 1 full season (short course or long course) in the Senior Prime group before being eligible for the Senior Performance group.


Senior Developmental

The Senior Developmental group is structured for middle-school aged swimmers to continue their training with a focus on stroke development. Swimmers in this group typically transition from our Silver Group. Practices will focus on all aspects of training including distance, sprint, stroke, IM, and resistance.  The goal for Senior Developmental swimmers it to learn the technical and competitive skills needed to move into the Senior Prime group.  

Senior Prep

The Senior Prep group is structured for high-school aged swimmers who are looking to continue their training with a mixture of stroke development and preparation for high school seasons.  Swimmers in this group may have not traditionally come up through the Bronze-Silver-Gold groups. Practices will focus on all aspects of training including distance, sprint, stroke, IM, and resistance.  This group will also focus on the mental skills needed for senior level competitions.The goal for Senior Prep swimmers it to learn the technical and competitive skills needed to move into the Senior Prime group.

Senior Prime

The Senior Prime group is for swimmers ages 13 and older who are committed to year-round swimming and the rigorous training environment designed to achieve championship cuts. The Senior Prime group will work to refine strokes using advanced drills specially designed for the experienced swimmer as well as appropriate recoevery methods. Advanced training concepts will be introduced slowly throughout the season. Senior swimmers are encouraged to train for and compete in a wide variety of events to best prepare them for success in their collegiate years. Practices will focus on all aspects of training including distance, sprint, stroke, IM, and resistance. Practices will not only be physically challenging, but also mentally challenging. Attendence is crucial in this group to help swimmers advance to the Senior Performance group.

Practices are offered 5 times per week for 90-105 minutes.


Senior Performance

The Senior Performance group is designed to provide an atmosphere necessary for success at all levels of state and national competition. It is required that all members of this group attend a minimum of 75% of all practices. Swimmers not meeting the attendance requirement will be moved into the Senior group. Swimmers will then have a 2-week window to increase their attendance percentage back to the Senior Performance group requirement. Excused absences are permitted granted they are not being abused and must be worked out with the coaching staff.

Goals of the Senior Performance group are to work to qualify for Sr. Champs, Futures Championships, Junior Nationals, Senior National, and Olympic Trial Qualifying Standards. Elite group provides more specific training based on stroke and distance (distance, mid-distance, sprint, IM). It is expected that these swimmers swim at the highest level of competition that they qualify for.

Practices are offered 6 times per week for  90-105 minutes.


*Swimmers do not move to a different group mid-season (Long course and short course) unless directed to by the Head Coach.  The requirements must be met before each session has started to change groups.  Coaches hold the right to not place a swimmer in a group even though they have achieved the requirements of the next group.