Apparel and Equipment

Practice Requirements

  Water Bottle Kickboard Long Fins Pull Buoy Paddles Short Fins
9 & Under X X X      
8-11 X X X      
10-13 X X X X    
12-14 X X X X X  
Senior X X X X X X
Elite X X X X X X


Meet Attire:

Suit: All Swimmers must compete in a team suit.  Tech suits are only approved in championship meets or under the guidance of the coaching staff.

Caps: All Swimmers must compete in a team cap.  If you're swimmer loses one, coaches can replace with a generic team cap and your account will be billed.

Shirts: All swimmers are required to wear Hornet shirts to all meets. Team shirts are provided to all swimmers to start each short course season and caps are avaiable a few times per year to order.