Spring 2020 Season Info

All information for our upcoming Spring 2020 season is available on this page.  If you have any questions please contact Coach Andy at


Meet Schedule 

Practice Schedule (Tentative)

Group Descriptions

Apparel and Equipment

For the Senior/Senior Performance groups, the Spring Session runs for 11 weeks from March 23rd - June 6th.

For all other groups, the Spring Session runs for 9 weeks from April 6th - June 6th.

Spring Group Fees 2020:

Jr. Hornets $66/Month
8 & Under $351
Bronze $387
Silver $423
Gold $468
Senior $627
Senior Performance $627

Every swimmer must register with USA Swimming annually at a cost of $79 per year during the Fall session. New swimmers joining during the Winter or Spring Session will have to do the same.  We do not have any other required fees, like concession fees, fundraising requirements, or mandatory advertising sales.

Meet Fees are an additional cost, based upon the meets for which your swimmer enrolls. Review your calendars carefully when choosing to register for meets. Please note that HOSC registers and pays for all meets several weeks in advance. If your swimmer is unable to participate in a meet for which you had chosen to register, you will still be financially responsible for those meet fees. The club is unable to receive a refund on your behalf from the hosting team for registration fees paid.


Like many competitive clubs, we are only able to offer spots to a limited number of swimmers, and our budget is closely tied to our team numbers. The coaching instruction consistently builds upon skills and endurance gained the prior week(s) in practice. If a swimmer chooses to leave the team after the start of the season, the club is not able to give the newly open spot to a swimmer who had previously been turned down. Due to the nature of this, the club is unable to offer refunds to those withdrawing from the team after the session has begun.

  • If a withdrawal request is made before the start of the session, a refund will be given, less a  $25 administrative fee.
  • Withdrawal within the first 7 calendar days after the start of the session, a refund or credit will be given, minus a $25 fee. 
  • Withdrawals after 7 calendar days into the session will result in a CREDIT based on the remaining days in the session, less the $25 administrative fee.
  • Withdrawals due to medical reasons will be approved, with an accompanying doctor’s note, certifying the swimmer will miss a minimum of three weeks of the session.  Medical refunds will be prorated based on what point in the session withdrawal takes place, less a $25 administrative
  • If you have signed up for meets, meet fees will not be refunded. These fees have already been paid to the hosting team.
  • Multi-swimmer discount will be withheld in a refund/proration scenario.​