Hornet FAQ


On behalf of the the Hornet Swim Club coaches and Board of Directors, we would like to welcome you to the Hornet Swim Club (HOSC)!  We are so happy to have you join our team!  We realize that as new members you may have questions concerning the way everything works and we would like to make that transition as easy as possible.  We have many people here to help answer any questions or concerns you may have.  We realize that it can be a bit confusing (and maybe even overwhelming) at the beginning of your membership so please do not hesitate to contact any of us.

  • How can I get information about practices, meets, team events, and meet support?

One great resource available to you that will help answer a lot of your questions is the HOSC website at  You will also have an account on the website where you can manage your swimmer’s meet entries, view billing information, and signup for meet support. 

You will receive an email from our Registrar or coaches announcing when you are able to register for upcoming meets, when you can sign up for meet volunteer positions, and check the sign-up deadline for swim meets.  It is very important to pay attention to those deadline dates because it becomes very difficult and sometimes impossible to enter an athlete after the deadline.  Please also note that the meet volunteer positions for the home meets often fill up very quickly, so try to register for any spots you would like as soon as sign-ups are available. 

You will also receive e-mails from our coaches and the Board about many different things concerning the team, including information pertaining to practice schedules,  social activities, Swim-A-Thon, and various other items that concern HOSC.  Please be sure to read all of these e-mails as they will contain very important information for you and your athlete.

  • How do I follow the practice schedule?

HOSC has a few different ways to follow your swimmer(s) practice schedule.  By navigating to the Practice Calendar tab of our website, you will find for each month a "Monthly Calendar."  This calendar provides a document that can be printed out and is rather easy to follow.  Any changes to our typical practice schedule are highlighted in yellow on these documents in order to stand out.

Since we are at the mercy of our high schools, often times during the year there are last-second changes/cancellations to our practices.  We will notify everyone via email as soon as those incidents happen.

  • How do I contact my swimmer’s coach?

HOSC coaching staff welcomes questions from swimmers and/or parents.  Coach Andy or any of the Lead Coaches can be contacted by e-mail to answer questions or to schedule a meeting before or after practice.  The coaches’ contact information is Coaches link on the team website.  For safety purposes, we ask that parents refrain from contacting the coach while he/she is on deck coaching unless it is an emergency or pertaining directly to that practice.

  • What is Illinois Swimming and USA Swimming?

All swimmers are required to have a current registration with Illinois Swimming and USA Swimming. Registrations are renewed annually during HOSC registration process.  These organizations support the sport of swimming in the state of Illinois and in the United States for swimmers, coaches, officials, and families.

Questions related to registering for the team or with Illinois Swimming and/or USA Swimming and any questions related to your HOSC account and/or invoices due, can be directed to our board email at [email protected].

  • We still have questions, is there a team representative we can talk with?

The "About Us" button on the HOSC website is the best and fastest way to contact representatives of HOSCwith any questions or concerns.

HOSC families are always welcome to contact any of the members of the Board of Directors with any questions or concerns.  The Board Member contact information is also listed on the team website.

  • Where do we buy HOSC t-shirts/caps, swim equipment and team suits?

HOSC will hold a "Suit Fitting/Apparel Night" at the beginning of the Fall season.  Watch for announcement via email.  Team uniforms, racing suits, and swim gear will be available at this meeting. 

Swim cap orders are made twice during the swim season (typically September/October and March/April).  Look for announcements in your email at the start of the Fall and Spring session.

  • What are locker room policies?

Our swimmers are welcome to use the locker rooms at our practice facilities.  All of our practices are at a public high schools where we rent our pool space.  There should not be any other people that use those locker rooms that are not part of the HOSC swim team.  Most HOSC swimmers bring their belongings onto the deck where the coaches and other swimmers can see them.  

  • Which meets should my swimmer enter?

Meets very often during the meet are only available to some swimmers, but most meets are available to all swimmers on the completive side of the team (does not include Jr. Hornets). If a meet has qualifying time standards, we will state that in the title of the event.  These meets often have a file attached to the event page called an Eligibility Report.  Please check these to see if your swimmer appears, and if so for what events.  Any questions can be directly related to a Lead Coach or Coach Andy.

  • What are the entry fees for meets?

Entry fees are required to compete in a swim meet.  Swimmers will pay a pool surcharge, Illinois Swimming surcharge, as well as fee for each individual event.  Surcharges and fees will vary by meet/location.  Entry fees are listed in the meet information. Meet entry fees will be added to your HOSC account and upon completion of a meet.