Meet Information


A parent or guardian is required to be in attendance & supervise their own children at all meets.

PLEASE complete and pay for the Illinois Swimming (ISI) membership if you are thinking about your child swimming in ANY ISI meets.



When your child first arrives at the pool for a meet, it is imperative that they check-in. They can get their events at this time – heat and lane assignments will not be available until check-in is complete. Remember that the people checking in the swimmers are volunteers. The coaches are using this time to finalize a line-up, so please check-in with the volunteer and allow the coaches to complete their work. In the event that your child is late or cannot make it to the meet, this is the last opportunity that the coaches have to adjust the meet line-up SO PLEASE TEXT A COACH TO COMMUNICATE THAT YOUR CHILD WILL BE LATE OR IF S/HE CANNOT ATTEND.

Soon after everyone is checked in, the Heat Sheets will be printed and posted. The event numbers from the earlier posted EVENTS LIST will help you find your swimmer's heat and lane assignments. Event #, Heat, and Lane should be written on your child's hand.



  1. Swim meets can only run smoothly and finish on time if we have your help. Parents will be asked to assist with running the meet through jobs such as timing, concessions, scoring, ribbons, and bullpen. Please arrive ready and willing to help!

  2. Getting your swimmer to warm-ups on time and ensuring that your swimmer is signed in.

  3. Notifying the coach in advance if you will not be able to attend a meet for which you have signed up – this avoids time consuming last minute changes to the line-up at the meet.

  4. Help your swimmer understand the meet procedures, ensure that correct events are written on their hand, that they remain in the team area during the meet; and talk with a coach after their swim.

  5. If your swimmer is disqualified, parents should be supportive, rather than critical, treating the disqualification as a learning experience. If there is no indication of what caused a DQ, your swimmer should ask a coach to follow up and explain the rule.



  1. Plan to arrive at the meet at least 15 minutes before your warm-up time. This will give you time to check-in and set up your swimmer's spot in the team area. As soon as you arrive, look for the place to check-in. (See “Check-In Procedures” above).

  2. Bring a “sharpie” type pen to the meet so your swimmer can write their event numbers on their hands.

  3. Mark your swimmer's names (last and first initial) in all team clothing items so they don’t get mixed up with others at practices or meets.

  4. Always have a spare pair of goggles at meets.

  5. If you don’t want your swimmer to eat concession food (for cost, health, or other reasons), be sure to pack food/drink for them to take to the meet. Fruits, water, sports drinks are preferred - NO CARBONATED OR ENERGY DRINKS.

  6. Swimmers must stay with their teammates in the team area to ensure that they don’t miss their event(s).  Bring blankets or chairs to sit on.

  7. There will be lots of “down time” at the meets so swimmers may want to bring cards, books, etc. to keep occupied. Be sure to label everything your swimmer brings.

  8. Bring enough items to keep warm & dry between your swimmer's events such as long sweats, sweatshirts, and multiple towels. Also, don't forget the sunscreen and bug spray for outdoor meets! 

  9. Swimmers should come to the coach after every event for feedback.

  10. REMEMBER - THIS IS A FUN EVENT - So enjoy your swimmer & applaud their efforts!



All meets are "Away" meets unless noted as "Home". Additional meets may be added as the season progresses. Please register for meets on the "Events/Meets" page. Remember to SAVE your work after committing to a meet!

   All swimmers who swam in at least 3 Y meets should swim at the Districts Championship Meet.


About Meets:

A swimmer must swim in 3 YMCA sanctioned meets (Y-closed) in order to compete in Districts/Junior Districts and State. High School swimmers must have at least 2 meets. Please use the website’s EVENTS page to be added to upcoming meets. Any Inter-squad meet is NOT A YMCA sanctioned and cannot be counted towards the 3 meets. In order to sign-up for meets, parents must log onto, and choose the EVENTS page. Then click each event and commit to the meet. Remember to SAVE your changes. Failure to participate in a minimum of 3 Y meets will cause forfeiture of early sign-up privileges next season.

Every swimmer's parent is required to volunteer at swim meets. When signing your swimmer up for their events please sign yourself up as a volunteer. Parents who do not sign themselves up for volunteer positions will be assigned to volunteer jobs that are not filled.

The Naperville YMCA encourages participation in swim meets. The fees for “Y” duals will be paid by the Naperville Y. If a swimmer attends any Invitational Meet the fees for these meets will be billed to the swimmer. Fees for USA Swimming (USAS) or ISI (Illinois Swimming, Inc.) registration will NOT be paid by the Naperville YMCA. You will be billed for all fees for USAS/ISI meets. If you miss a “Y” invitational (No Show), you will be billed for the missed events.

Meet dates are sometimes subject to change. Meet packets (invitational meets only) and the address for AWAY swim meets are available; look for links with additional information (usually on the host team’s website under “meets” or “hosted meets”).

Please be sure to arrive 15 - 30 minutes before warm up times. Most meets have positive check-ins. If a swimmer does not check in, it is assumed that they are not present and will be scratched from the meet. All swimmers are required to warm-up with the team unless special arrangements have been made with Coach Brad.

If you miss a Y Invitational meet (No Show) that you registered for, you will be responsible for the cost of your missed events. To withdraw from a meet, notify Coach Brad by email 4 weeks ahead of the meet (that is when the Y has to pay for the meet entries). USAS/ISI meets have a 6 week lead time, payments will be billed to each family when the entry goes in. These fees will automatically be drafted just like any other program at the YMCA.

Dual Meets & Invitationals

  1. Y dual meets: The YMCA encourages meets between Y teams. Dual meets are 2 (and sometimes 3) teams agreeing to meet and swim each other. Dual meets usually take 3-1/2 hours (1/2 hour warm up and 3 hours of racing). Parents are asked to help with timing, officiating and bullpen. At “Y” fall/winter dual meets the age of the swimmer is determined on the day of the meet. Usually, swimmers are assigned to 3 individual events and possibly a relay.
  2. Y Invitational: Some Y’s have a larger meet where several teams are invited. Invitationals usually are scheduled for 2 or 3 days, with different ages swimming in either the AM or PM sessions; i.e.: 9-10’s and 11-12’s might swim 7 AM - Noon, then 8-Unders + 13-Overs swim from Noon to 5 PM. These meets do cost per event swum, usually $3 - $5 per event. If you have to withdraw from a meet, please notify Coach Brad 4 weeks before the meet. Fees for these meets will be drafted just like any other YMCA program when you register for the meet. At fall/winter “Y” Invitational meets the age of the swimmer is determined on the first day of the meet - even if your child does not swim on that first day of the meet. If you are a “No Show” for a “Y” Invitational, you will be charged for the missed events.
  3. ISI Invitationals: If you have been approved for ISI registration, and paid your $79 ISI registration fee (, you are eligible to go to ISI meets. YOU MUST REGISTER AND PAY THIS ISI FEE BEFORE SIGNING UP FOR ANY ISI MEETS. ISI Invitational’s offer a variety of events, with a higher level of competition. You will have to pay for each event that you swim. Fees for these meets will be drafted just like any other YMCA program when you register for the meet. The fees are approximately $15 per meet, per day (or $30 for a 2-day meet). Usually there are 4 or 5 events offered per day, of which you would swim 3 events. If you have to withdraw from a meet, please notify Coach Brad 4 weeks before the meet. If you are a “No Show” for an “ISI” Invitational, you will still be charged for the missed events. ISI meet changes made to the original entry are only made at the HOST’'S discretion. At USAS/ISI meets, a swimmer’s age is their age on the first day of the meet, which is often a Friday, whether you are swimming on the first day or not.

Parents or coaches can make the individual event choices; coaches will make Championship individual events. Coaches make up relay teams. Coaches will send the meet entry to the host team.

Some Invitationals fill up before all the teams that want to swim can get into the meet. Alternative meets will then be offered if possible.


Championship Meets:

Districts and State

Any swimmer, who is a member in good standing in their YMCA swim team, and who has been in 3 "Y" meets, should be entered in the combined District/Junior District meet. All team members are strongly encouraged to participate in the District/Junior District meet.

Swimmers at the District/Junior District meet are allowed up to 4 swims, but only 3 swims may be individual events (or 2 relays and 2 individual events). Swimmers may combine their District and Junior District events (i.e.: Jr. Fly and Jr. Bk with District Breast). All swims, District and Junior District, will take place in the same session. The only difference is that Jr. District swimmers are entered at slower than District times.

Prelim/Final meets, such as Y State, usually have the 11 and over preliminary swims in the morning, with the fastest 8 or 16 swimmers returning for Finals in the afternoon of the same day.

State times can only be achieved on or after September 1st of the current season. See the Time Standards page.

State location (see EVENTS page). Boys and girls will swim together. 11-21 year-olds will swim prelims in the AM session, returning for top 8 finals in the evening. 8-unders and 9-10’s will swim Timed Finals events in the mid-day session (approximately 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM).

Y-State event limits:

  • Entry Limits by age
    • 8 & Under:  4 individuals and 5 total for the meet
    • 9-10:  5 individual events and 6 total for the meet
    • 11-14:  maximum of 7 in the 12&U and 14&U – if at the max of 7 then add one additional relay in the 21 & U; 15-21 maximum of 8 (no more than 3 individual Prelim/Final events per day per USA Swimming rules or 5 Timed Final events per day)
    • A swimmer may not swim in both the prelim/final sessions (Session 1 and 3 of each day) and the timed final sessions (session 2 of each day) on a specific day for individual events. In other words, someone swimming in the 10&U session may not swim in the prelim/final sessions or vice versa for any given day.

2020 ​National YMCA Championships:  Qualifying time standards may be found at this website: