Park District
Groups Descriptions

The Lemont Dolphins Swim Team is a competitive swim program dedicated to teaching youth to swim and develop skills for competition on the local and Regional level. The Dolphins are committed to supporting all swimmers at every level of competition, from dual meets to Championship Level competitions. The team is open to anyone ages 6-18 who can swim at least one length of the pool freestyle and one length of the pool in one other competitive stroke (25 yards).

The coaching staff will decide group placement based on the individual swimmer’s age and swimming ability. All new swimmers must attend placement day in order to join the team.  Dolphins Team members will be instructed on proper stroke mechanics, nutrition, and training practices. Through our program, swimmers are also encouraged to develop those personal qualities such as discipline, self-confidence, cooperativeness, and the ability to identify and work towards goals that will help them achieve success in all aspects of life. 



Bronze TeamAges 5-9  

Lead Coach Emily Pickett        

Required Equipment – Fins, Goggles and Water Bottles.   Kickboards and Pull Bouys @ Lemont

Practice Recommendation  2-3 per week

Emphasis– Our Bronze group focuses on building proficient competitive Freestyle and Backstroke while developing Breaststroke and Butterfly.  Much of their time in the pool will be spent developing efficient body positioning driven by strong kicks.  Swimmers will learn basic racing starts and turns, while practices will be geared toward introducing more competitive swimming components. We require all Bronze level swimmers to complete one length of Freestyle, and one length of another competitive stroke to be placed in this group.


Silver Team: Ages: 7-10  

Lead Coach Beth Houda          

Required Equipment – Fins, Goggles and Water Bottles                      

Kickboards and Pull Bouys Provided @ Lemont

Practice Recommendation – 3-4 per week

Emphasis – Our Silver group focuses on improving efficiency and mechanics in all four competitive strokes, while continuing to develop racing starts and turns.  Basic training skills will be refined, such as interval training and clock management.  Swimmers in this group must be proficient in Freestyle, Backstroke, and either Breaststroke or Butterfly. 



Gold Team: Ages: 9-12 

Lead Coach Meaghan Bower   

Required Equipment – Fins, Paddles, Goggles and Water Bottles                  

Kickboards and Pull Bouys Provided @ Lemont          Optional Equipment: Snorkel and Nose Clip


Practice Recommendation – 3-5 per week

Emphasis – Our Gold group will continue to develop the positive training habits began in Bronze and Silver.  Swimmers will continue to improve their mechanics in all four competitive strokes, while being introduced to more advanced training.  Swimmers in this group must be proficient in all four competitive strokes and able to follow basic intervals.


Junior Team: Ages 11-14 (pre-HS) 

Lead Coach Josh Dunn   

Required Equipment – Fins, Paddles, Goggles, and Water Bottles                  

Kickboards and Pull Bouys Provided @ Lemont          Optional Equipment: Snorkel and Nose Clip


Practice Recommendation 3-5 per week

Emphasis – Our Junior group is made up of advanced, excited middle schoolers!  There will be a continued emphasis on skill development, but practices will mostly center around advanced training and introduction to race strategy.  Swimmers will be expected to be confident underwater kickers and proficient in all four competitive strokes.  


Senior Team: 13 & Over (High School)

 Lead Coach Josh Dunn  


Required Equipment – Fins, Paddles, Goggles, Snorkel, Nose Clip and Water Bottles                

 Kickboards and Pull Bouys Provided @ Lemont          


Practice Recommendation 4-5 per week

Emphasis – Our Senior group consists of High School swimmers ready to take their swimming to the next level.  Swimmers in this group will do dryland that will consist of a variety of core, plyometric, and weight based training along with time in the water focusing on race strategy and technique.  This is the top group at Lemont and made up of the most dedicated and hard working athletes on the team.