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Time Standards

Illinois Swimming Time Standards

USA Swimming National Motivational Times 2017-2020 

                These standards show times from a B Time to an AAAA Time. This gives our swimmers many more levels to try to achieve and fits the best for our program. There are 3 courses listed for all time standards LCM – Long Course Meters (50 Meter Pool), SCM – Short Course Meters (25 Meter Pool – our outdoor pool) and SCY – Short Course Yards (25 yard pool – our indoor pool).

How do they compare? In a brief look at the two types of time standards, Most Illinois Swimming Regional Cuts are between a USA National BB & A Time, Most Illinois Swimming Age Group/Senior Times are between an AA & AAA Time.  So you understand how fast a “AAA” Time is, it is the time standard that qualifies a swimmer for ZONES. Zones is one step past Age Group/Senior State Championships.

Importance of this

                Using the motiviational time standards will be setting up our swimmers to succeed in the long run. This gives all swimmers achievable goals to help them move from one level to the next. This will help in the long term development of the program and its swimmers for many years to come. This allows our newer swimmers to have B Min time standards to focus on, and our more advanced (or recently aged up swimmers) to have BB, A, AA, AAA, AAAA time standards to focus on.